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Rage Quit Giveaway!


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I'm not going to post a drawn out wall of text on why I'm doing this. The thread title speaks for itself.


Every 10th post wins the following... 


#010 Hyperion Thrusters and Morphic Transformer CLAIMED by winner vaugahn

#020 Automatic Trigger and Dual Rounds CLAIMED by winner The_Improviser

#030 Max Vitality (Sentinel) CLAIMED by winner Rexlars

#040 Max Redirection (Sentinel) CLAIMED by winner CY13ERPUNK

#050 Max Vitality MOVED

#060 Max Redirection CLAIMED by winner tseng_

#070 Max Steel Fiber CLAIMED by winner Azure.M

#080 Max Serration CLAIMED by winner Auramau

#090 Max Hornet Strike CLAIMED by winner AphoticLove

#100 Max Heavy Caliber CLAIMED by winner ---RNGesus---

#110 Max Blind Rage CLAIMED by winner Gotenblane

#120 Max Narrow Minded CLAIMED by winner Allucross

#130 350p CLAIMED by winner XQANT

#140 Max Vitality CLAIMED by winner illegalLV


You can only win once so if you happen to win please don't post in the thread anymore. If you've won something, PM me that you're ingame and I will give you the prize that corresponds with your post number. I won't be posting in this thread until it's over. Good luck.


edit: Since the 50th post belongs to someone who has already won. Max Vitality will be moved to #140.


edit: Signing off for now. Please continue to try your luck. I will be back on in 9 or so hours. Hopefully there will be more winners by then. Don't forget to PM me if you've won!


Back online. Will begin distributing the prizes. Pretty much all of the winners are offline but they've been contacted.

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