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Question About Syndicate Death Squads/platoons


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So we know that they will come after us when we get certain amount of negative Reptutaion. But what bothers me is following:



If am in group and random assassin squad comes after me or any other group member, and there are people from assassin faction in group with me, will assassins attack person that is supporting their Syndicate?



So lets say i am Steel Meridian and i am running with clanie that is Perrin Sequence. Mighty Roller Death Squad comes after my clanie and starts attacking him. Am i able to help him by attacking said Rollers, and are they able to attack me? If i can attack them, and vice versa, whats the point? Why would assassins from Syndicate that i support attack me?




Its a bit confusing and i would love to know if anyone gotten info on this issue.

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I don't think anyone has really ever run into a death squad as of yet... Personally I'm despised by 2 syndicates (New Loka and Red Veil) and while they like to insult me when I view their syndicate menu, I have yet to see a death squad show up in the last few days, in any mission type.


As it stands they're sooooo rare I wouldn't except to see one in the first place, but if you do I'd expect them to attack you too, since you kinda DO have to help your teammates, otherwise they'd just get infinitely spawn camped by an army of invincible enemies.

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