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Syndicate Mods, Couldn't They Be So Much More?


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First, let me just mention I didn't really see a 'mods' feedback area so I was thinking about weapons but... well, tossed it in general, moderators, feel free to move me to someone appropriate for MY BODY IS READY!


Now then, in all seriousness, I can't help but notice that there's something very important syndicate mods could do, namely, fill the 'aura/stance' slot on primary and secondary weapons, but instead their locked down to individual weapons. This seems painfully silly in comparison to the obvious possibility of rewiring the primary and secondary weapon variants of the Syndicate mods into a 'Affiliation' slot (comparable to a stance/aura slot which would grant bonus capacity as well as the mod's bonus stats to the gun in question) since they could practically be directly made into such things without any need to really try. The only thing left up in the air is the melee syndicate mods after that.


For Melee syndicate mods I propose something a little different, and hear me out to the end here cause this crap is crazy. What you do, is you slot it into the stance slot (WAIT FOR IT!) and it causes the stance slot to become an 'any polarity slot' which automatically doubles the stance's mod points as if it was slotted into a slot that was the same polarity while providing the syndicate mod's effect in addition to the stance mod's effect. This way, it provides a unique benefit to weapons that have multiple styles without the need to re-polarize the slot for those styles (should a 'better' or more 'preferred' stance be released it gives an edge to the weapon there, beyond the obvious ability to switch to any stance you feel like using at the time) as well as the effects we listed. The key thing is that the mod itself wouldn't take up a slot (to bring it in line with the proposed alteration to other syndicate mods for primary and secondary weapons) and it also can't have a cost even at top rank (this is to prevent it from stacking with the stance mod, which is where the bonus mod points should be coming from due to already pre-made mechanics) while it provides the benefit of becoming an 'anything' slot for the stance slot, in addition to it's previous effects.


Considering the fact that these mods are so specific to the guns in question, I think that these changes would actually have a much higher chance of getting Tenno to seek these weapons tossed to the scrap heap. While I do recognize some of the names as lofty weapons one holding the title of 'preferred weapons' community wide for a time period, however short, the majority appear to be tools that we got in the hopes they'd be amazing which turned out to be garbage with interesting aesthetics (in some cases). Don't get me started on the Skana, there's a limit to trying to retain the use of that overgrown twig. It's supposed to be thrown to the void after you get a Chronus, don't go confusing newbs by making it seem important, that's just bullying. But that is mostly personal prejudice, I TECHNICALLY haven't used it since like, update what? 7 or so? Dunno, either way, before melee 2.0 so yeah, maybe it's actually viable now instead of just that third arm you were born with that gets amputated later so you can fit in with society now.

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Sounds like a good idea to me.


And if you use crimson dervish the skana is quite usable it can't compare to some of the better melee weapons but it can hold it's own on the starmap of course most players will have already moved on to better melee weapons by the time they actually get crimson dervish but that's a separate issue.

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