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Balancing The Rewards For All Archwing Gamemodes


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Archwing gameplay is great, but there is a clear unbalance in the quantity of drops and rewards given out by certain game-modes. Specifically one game-mode: Interception, has proved to be so much more productive that players are discouraged from running the other mission types available, as nothing but interception will provide reasonable exp. Or the parts necessary to advance. Interception is undisputedly the most efficient mission type to run when players aim to progress or attain exp, mats, blueprints and mods. To iterate the most crucial point of this argument: The reward balance between game modes is so unbalanced that playing interception has become the only realistic way of farming or leveling. (Asides from a few exceptions like Hyperion Thrusters).

Suggestion: Give rewards at the end of each mission (like the void does) from a selection of archwing mods and parts.

Combine extermination and sabotage, effectively creating an extermination mission after the sabotage objective is complete. This prevents a completely set amount of enemies in the mission, allowing for more spawns in the beginning and preventing "speed running" sabotage exploits.

-Typed this on a mobile device so thoughts may not be particularly articulate.

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I would love to be forced not to do Interception for all my Archwing stuff

Same here since I want to build the other archwing and dont want to spend 4 or more hours grinding one mission that takes about 30 minutes each time for the parts to it.

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