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Limbo Quest Would Not Finish...


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I have this problem too.


At the first mission, I got the fragments and the team did the Chassis mission first, because a team member was already trying to get that part. 


After that, the team tried to help me at Earth, but I got a random disconnect and lost the team.


I did  the last two missions, crafted the Limbo, but my navigation system keeps showing the same message about Chassis. 

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I got the Limbo Chassis blueprint - I'm guessing the problem is I rushed it with platinum, which caused the quest to bug out. 


Basically, after rushing the chassis, the quest stopped updating and even though I now actually have Limbo, I'm still being asked and reminded to go and excavate the chassis.


I could go and rebuild the chassis, allowing it the 12 hours build-time, but I'm then guessing that the quest will update itself to say: "Now craft Limbo", which I am not prepared to do, as I'd require the helmet and the systems again and another Warframe slot and countless materials.

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