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The Red Veil Sent Infested To Kill Me


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yea lol, those guys seemed like real victims back then when we rescued them during that event (i can't remember the name) but dude! they are some crazy fundamentalists!



If syndicates had been introduced before the "save our hides, Tenno"-event, and had the event offered to help out someone else, I probably would have let those Red Veil guys burn and rot.

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I thought about joining them at first. Then I saw their whole "We will wash the Universe in an Ocean of blood and death, cleanse it"


I was like "Whoa...these guys seem out of it...."


So I went Hexis.


Things in Warframe seems to remind me more and more of the Warhammer 40.000 universe, with The Emperor and the Space marines killing their way towards a cleansed universe.

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