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Wtt/wts Practically All Tradable Items.

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I tend to update this page between 2 to 6 times a day, and make a new post every day.
I can usually max any non-rank 10 mod to max at a moments notice.
I want at least 3p a trade if items are being brought with plat.
Buying same items in bulk costs will actually go up (not the case for keys and cores), since price is based on how many mods I have, by you buying mods my stock goes down my stock goes down my prices goes up.
I don't normally like people buying in bulk because I assume you are just buying and reselling at higher price (will still sell if you'll buy).
Buying all different items in bulk you may get a discount.
I play warframe a lot so finding me in-game is normally the fastest way to complete a trade, I'll try to reserve the items you wanted for you if reply on the thread or send message to my forum profile.
I try to keep this list as accurate as I can, but I tend to make typo here or there and keeping inventory of your in-game inventory like this takes a lot more than I thought.
I am almost always tring to max out R10 mods for plat so reply on the thread or send message to my forum profile and I'll focus on what ever mod I see more.
I am not planning on selling my arcane helmets or event mods that I don't have multiples of but, anything else that can be traded and isn't on the list yet I might have and might be willing to sell.
I keep adding more and more to this already huge list, so keep an eye out might just have something that'll peak your interests.
If you have a Item that peaks my interests I'm usually willing to give a fair bit in trade for it.
It may take a bit to respond to the thread or sent messages to my forum profile, but I do try to respond to everyone.
Feel free to haggle, you will not be shot, maybe shot down, but not shot
Prices are bound to change but once we have agreed on a price I won't change them for the that trade.

**x    Means I have more than 100 of this item or that I collect them fast enough I use them for fusion fodder/credits.
00x    Means I have no spares of this item to sell or don't have it at all.


I know I own lots of mods and I practically have them all, but I'm usually willing to trade mods that I have more of for mods I have less of.
unranked common mods: anything I have 1 of I would like about 5p for, 40+ I would like about 1p for, things in between range from 2p to 4p.
unranked uncommon mods: anything I have 1 of I would like about 12p for, 30+ I would like about 1p for, things in between range from 2p to 10p.
unranked rare mods: anything I have 1 of I would like about 20p for, 20+ I would like about 1p for, things in between range from 3p to 17p.
want +50% for Nightmare/Corrupted
[size=4]upgrade costs[/size]

finely ran some numbers, found out that it takes
132 rare R5 cores and 415k credits to max a common R10 mod from R0,
264 rare R5 cores and 831k credits to max a uncommon R10 mod from R0,
396 rare R5 cores and 1.2m credits to max a rare R10 mod from R0,
4 rare R5 cores and 12k credits to max a common R5 mod from R0,
8 rare R5 cores and 25k credits to max a uncommon R5 mod from R0,
12 rare R5 cores and 37k credits to max a rare R5 mod from R0,

To use plat to get 1,247,400 Credits, one would have to buy the High Roller Credit Bundle 42 times at a cost of 3780p.
If your lucky with the Gold Fusion Pack and get 3 R5 rare mods every time it will cost 10560p to get 396 cores
Thats almost 15k plat just have a Rare R10 mod

usually when selling rare 5 fusion cores I try for 3p each,
since buying a mod with them in it is basically buying the mod with all the Rare 5 cores in it,
I decided to list R5 mods at 2.5p per R5 rare core, and R10 mods at about 1.5p per R5 rare core.
since they are basically bulk sales seems like they should have a discount (that and I don't think anyone would even try to haggle).

upgrade costs (unranked to maxed)
                 Common uncommon rare         plat per R5 rare core used
R0 to R10    ~+200p  ~+400p      ~+600p  ~1.5p
R0 to R5      ~+10p    ~+20p       ~+30p    ~2.5p
R0 to R3      ~+3p      ~+6p         ~+9p     ~3.3p

upgrade costs (plus 1 rank)
                 Common uncommon rare         plat per R5 rare core used
R9 to R10    ~+100p  ~+200p      ~+300p   ~1.5p
R8 to R9      ~+60p    ~+120p      ~+180p   ~1.8p
R7 to R8      ~+35p    ~+70p        ~+105p   ~2.1p
R6 to R7      ~+20p    ~+40p        ~+60p     ~2.4p
R5 to R6      ~+10p    ~+20p        ~+30p     ~2.4p
R4 to R5      ~+6p      ~+12p        ~+18p     ~2.9p
R3 to R4      ~+3p      ~+6p          ~+9p      ~2.9p
R2 to R3      ~+2p      ~+4p          ~+6p      ~2.9p
R1 to R2      ~+1p      ~+2p          ~+3p      ~3.8p
R0 to R1      ~+1p      ~+1p          ~+2p      ~5.1p

50% off mods that use Sila Polarity.


00x Artifact Defense Set (Corrosive Projection, Infested Impedance, Shield Disruption)
00x Informant (Primed Chamber)
00x Sling-Stone set (Rifle Ammo Mutation, Arrow Mutation, Sniper Ammo Mutation, Shotgun Ammo Mutation, Pistol Ammo Mutation)
00x Arid Fear set (Lethal Torrent, Shred, Vigor)
28x Cicero Crisis Set (Malignant Force, Toxic Barrage, Pistol Pestilence, Virulent Scourge) | (15p for the set)
00x Operation Oxium (Aviator)
00x Tethra's Doom Set (High Voltage, Shell Shock, Jolt, Voltaic Strike)
00x Operation Breeding Grounds Set (Thermite Rounds, Scattering Inferno, Scorch, Volcanic Edge)
00x Operation Cryotic Front Set (Rime Rounds, Frigid Blast, Frostbite, Vicious Frost)
00x Operation Gate Crash Set (Fanged Fusillade, Sweeping Serration, Maim, Buzz Kill)


want 2.5x for mods marked with a * next to them.

04x Acrobat
02x Antitoxin
00x Blind Rage (Corrupted | Maxed: 0)
00x Constitution (Nightmare)
00x Continuity
32x Diamond Skin
01x Enemy Sense
07x Equilibrium (Maxed: 0)
14x Fast Deflection
09x Flame Repellent
03x Fleeting Expertise (Corrupted)
09x Flow
04x Fortitude (Nightmare)
03x Handspring
13x Heavy Impact
05x Insulation
14x Intensify
79x Intruder
22x Lightning Rod
22x Maglev
15x Marathon
02x Master Thief
03x Narrow Minded (Corrupted | Maxed: 0)
16x Natural Talent
00x Overextended (Corrupted)
30x Provoked (Maxed: 0)
21x Quick Rest
05x Quick Thinking
00x Rage
00x Rapid Relilience*
**x Redirection (Maxed: 1)
51x Reflection
13x Reflex Guard (Maxed: 0)
01x Retribution
16x Rush
00x Shield Flux
00x Shock Absorbers
**x Steel Fiber (Maxed: 0)
09x Streamline
08x stretch
00x Sure Footed
25x Thief's Wit
09x Undying Will
04x Vigor (Nightmare)
**x Vitality (Maxed: 0)
19x Warm Coat

- Aura | last synchronization 2014-10-30;22:00:00

*prices (Want 3.0x for these mods.)
- 01x Corrosive Projection
- 01x Dead Eye
- 03x Enemy Radar
- 01x Energy Siphon
- 00x Infested Impedance
- 02x Physique
- 04x Pistol Scavenger
- 02x Rejuvenation
- 06x Rifle Amp
- 03x Rifle Scavenger
- 00x Shield Disruption
- 02x Shotgun Scavenger
- 04x Sniper Scavenger
- 04x Speed Holster
- 01x Sprint Boost
- 02x Steel Charge



36x Ammo Drum
06x Arrow Mutation
20x Bane of Corpus
05x Bane of Grineer
05x Bane of Infested
04x Charged Chamber
00x Critical Delay (Corrupted)
12x Cryo Rounds
16x Eagle Eye
23x Fast Hands
00x Firestorm
02x Hammer Shot (Nightmare)
00x Heavy Caliber (Corrupted | Maxed: 0)
17x Hellfire
73x Hush
66x Infected Clip
15x Magazine Warp
03x Metal Auger
05x Piercing Hit
37x Point Strike
00x Primed Chamber
03x Rifle Ammo Mutation
00x Rifle Aptitude3
30x Rupture
22x Sawtooth Clip
38x Serration (Maxed: 0)
05x Shred (Nightmare)
04x Sniper Ammo Mutation
50x Speed Trigger
01x Split Chamber
03x Stabilizer
10x Stormbringer
02x Tainted Mag (Corrupted | Maxed: 0)
09x Thunderbolt
00x Vile Precision (Corrupted)
15x Vital Sense
04x Wildfire (Nightmare)


06x Accelerated Blast (Nightmare)
02x Ammo Stock
02x Blaze (Nightmare)
34x Blunderbuss
01x Burdened Magazine (Corrupted)
06x Charged Shell
21x Chilling Grasp
02x Cleanse Corpus
10x Cleanse Grineer
24x Cleanse Infested
04x Contagious Spread
30x Disruptor
01x Fatal Acceleration*
23x Flechette
03x Hell's Chamber
14x Incendiary Coat
03x Lingering Torment*
29x Point Blank
12x Ravage
00x Seeking Force
13x Shell Compression
06x Shotgun Ammo Mutation
14x Shotgun Savvy
00x Shotgun Spazz
05x Shredder
07x Tactical Pump
00x Tainted Shell (Corrupted | Maxed: 0)
00x Vicious Spread (Corrupted)


04x Barrel Diffusion
23x Concussion Rounds
42x Convulsion
01x Deep Freeze
00x Expel Corpus
02x Expel Grineer
19x Expel Infested
19x Gunslinger
02x Hawk Eye
36x Heated Charge
01x Hollow Point (Corrupted)
35x Hornet Strike (Maxed: 0)
04x Ice Storm (Nightmare)
00x Lethal Momentum*
02x Lethal Torrent (Nightmare)
03x Magnum Force (Corrupted | Maxed: 0)
35x No Return
02x Pathogen Rounds
03x Perpetual Agony*
00x Pistol Ammo Mutation
45x Pistol Gambit
28x Quickdraw
40x Razor Shot
00x Ruinous Extension*
01x Seeker
26x Slip Magazine
23x Steady Hands
05x Stunning Speed (Nightmare)
75x Suppress
16x Sure Shot
04x Tainted Clip (Corrupted)
12x Target Cracker
24x Trick Mag


04x Berserker
01x Corrupt Charge (Corrupted)
00x Enduring Strike
13x Energy Channel
04x Fever Strike
80x Finishing Touch
05x Focus Energy (Nightmare)
31x Fury
12x Heavy Trauma
00x Jagged Edge
18x Killing Blow
00x Lasting Sting* (Maxed: 0)
00x Life Strike
49x Melee Prowess
13x Molten Impact
18x North Wind
19x Organ Shatter
19x Parry
25x Power Throw
**x Pressure Point
31x Quick Return
02x Quickening
35x Reach
17x Rebound
16x Reflex Coil
06x Rending Strike (Nightmare)
45x Second Wind
11x Shocking Touch
02x Smite Corpus
15x Smite Grineer
12x Smite Infested
04x Spoiled Strike (Corrupted)
10x Sundering Strike
03x True Punishment
13x True Steel
02x Whirlwind

- Stance mods | last synchronization 2014-10-30;22:00:00

*prices (Want 1.5x for these mods.)
- 04x Bleeding Willow
- 00x Blind Justice
- 01x Brutal Tide
- 42x Burning Wasp
- 25x Clashing Forest
- 00x Cleaving Whirlwind
- 16x Coiling Viper
- 00x Crimson Dervish
- 06x Crossing Snakes
- 00x Crushing Ruin
- 00x Decisive Judgement
- 07x Eleventh Storm
- 02x Flailing Branch
- **x Fracturing Wind
- **x Gemini Cross
- 00x Gleaming Talon
- 01x Gnashing Payara
- 04x Grim Fury
- 01x Homing Fang
- 06x Iron Phoenix
- 00x Malicious Raptor
- 00x Pointed Wind
- 35x Reaping Spiral
- 00x Rending Crane
- 00x Seismic Palm
- 19x Shattering Storm
- 03x Shimmering Blight
- 04x Sinking Talon
- 00x Stalking Fan
- 20x Sundering Weave
- 09x Swirling Tiger
- 04x Tranquil Cleave

Archwing | last synchronization 2014-10-30;06:00:00

*prices (Want 2.5x for these mods.)

11x Argon Plating
00x Auxillary Power
00x Efficient Transferral
01x Energy Amplifier
15x Energy Inversion
00x Enhanced Durability
00x Hyperion Thrusters (Maxed: 0)
00x Morphic Transformer
00x Superior Defenses
00x System Reroute (Maxed: 0)


00x Automatic Trigger
04x Combustion Rounds
00x Dual Rounds
00x Electrified Barrel
00x Hollowed Bullets
16x Magazine Extension
00x Modified Munitions
11x Parallax Scope
00x Polar Magazine
01x Rubedo-Lined Barrel
03x Venomous Magazine


00x Blazing Steel
11x Bleeding Edge (Maxed: 0)
14x Cutting Edge
17x Extend
02x Furor
03x Galvanized Blade
05x Glacial Edge
00x Poisonous Sting
02x Sudden Impact
00x Tempered Blade



*prices (Want 0.9x for these mods.)
03x Coolant Leak
05x Fast Deflection
18x Fired Up
03x Guardian
12x Redirection (Maxed: 0)
24x Regen
00x Sacrifice
02x Sanctuary (Maxed: 0)
27x Spare Parts
00x Self Destruct
19x Steel Fiber (Maxed: 0)
02x Vitality (Maxed: 0)


*prices (Want 1.25x for these mods.)
00x Bite (Maxed: 0)
03x Fast Deflection
00x Link Armor (Maxed: 0)
01x Link Health (Maxed: 0)
02x Link Shields (Maxed: 0)
15x Loyal Companion
02x Maul (Maxed: 0)
10x Pack Leader
16x Scavenge

[size=4]Keys[/size] | last updated 2014-10-23;04:23:00

Orokin Derelict | 2x(ODC,ODD,ODE,ODS) for 1p (650 nav coordinates), 1xODA for 2p
- 00x Assassination
- 05x Capture | can make more on demand
- 05x Defense | can make more on demand
- 10x Exterminate | can make more on demand
- 10x Survival | can make more on demand
Tower I | 4 for 2p
- 08x Capture
- 02x Defense
- 03x Exterminate
- 00x Mobile Defense
- 00x Survival
Tower II | 4 for 5p
- 08x Capture
- 07x Defense
- 07x Exterminate
- 08x Mobile Defense
- 05x Survival
Tower III | 4 for 10p
- 00x Capture
- 00x Defense
- 03x Exterminate
- 02x Mobile Defense
- 06x Survival
Tower IV | 4 for 20p
- 01x Capture
- 00x Defense
- 03x Exterminate
- 01x Interception
- 07x Mobile Defense
- 00x Survival

[size=4]Parts/BPs[/size] | last synchronization 2014-10-30;04:10:00

I know I own lots of Parts/BPs and I have all prime gear, but I'm usually willing to trade Parts/BPs that I have more of for Parts/BPs I have less of.
*prices (anything I have 1 of I would like about 30p for, 20+ I would like about 1p for, things in between range from 2p to 25p.)

- 00x Harness
- 00x Systems
- 00x Wings
- 07x Barrel
- 01x Receiver
- 04x Stock
- 00x Blade
- 06x Handle


Warframes BP/Parts

Ember Prime
- 00x Blueprint
- 13x Chassis
- 09x Helmet
- 02x Systems
Frost Prime
- 00x Blueprint
- 07x Chassis
- 10x Helmet
- 08x Systems
Loki Prime
- 05x Blueprint
- 00x Chassis
- 00x Helmet
- 00x Systems
Mag Prime
- 12x Blueprint
- 16x Chassis
- 03x Helmet
- 00x Systems
Nyx Prime
- 00x Blueprint
- 00x Chassis
- 00x Helmet
- 00x Systems
Rhino Prime
- 00x Blueprint
- 15x Chassis
- 00x Helmet
- 08x Systems

Primary BP/Parts

Boar Prime
- 05x Blueprint
- 02x Barrel
- 12x Receiver
- 28x Stock
Boltor Prime
- 00x Blueprint
- 10x Barrel
- 04x Receiver
- 14x Stock
Braton Prime
- 16x Blueprint
- 01x Barrel
- 00x Receiver
- 03x Stock
Burston Prime
- 00x Blueprint
- 03x Barrel
- 03x Receiver
- 18x Stock
Latron Prime
- 24x Blueprint
- 18x Barrel
- 02x Receiver
- 09x Stock
Paris Prime
- 08x Blueprint
- 00x Grip
- 39x Lower Limb
- 01x Upper Limb
- 01x String

Sidearm BP/Parts

Akbronco Prime
- 15x Blueprint
- 03x Link
Bronco Prime
- 06x Blueprint
- 00x Barrel
- 08x Receiver
Hikou Prime
- 01x Blueprint
- 00x Pouch
- 01x Star
Lex Prime
- 00x Blueprint
- 03x Barrel
- 04x Receiver
Sicarus Prime
- 06x Blueprint
- 10x Barrels
- 00x Receiver

Melee BP/Parts

Ankyros Prime
- 02x Blueprint
- 00x Blade
- 06x Gauntlet
Bo Prime
- 06x Blueprint
- 00x Handle
- 46x Ornament
Dakra Prime
- 00x Blueprint
- 00x Blade
- 04x Handle
Fang Prime
- 06x Blueprint
- 04x Blade
- 00x Handle
Glaive Prime
- 00x Blueprint
- 00x Blade
- 03x Disc
Orthos Prime
- 00x Blueprint
- 04x Blade
- 08x Handle
Reaper Prime
- 11x Blueprint
- 03x Blade
- 00x Handle
Scindo Prime
- 00x Blueprint
- 00x Blade
- 00x Handle


Wyrm Prime
- 00x Blueprint
- 00x Cerebrum
- 01x Carapace
- 01x Systems

[size=5]This is a list of items I want.[/size] | last update 2014-10-30;06:10:00

willing to Trade 4 Parts/BPs or Archwing/Stance/Nightmare/Corrupted/Normal Mods or 2 Aura mods, can even do things like a prime part, a mod, and an aura mod.
01x Elytron Harness
01x Elytron Systems
01x Elytron Wings
01x Enhanced Durability
01x Hyperion Thrusters
01x Morphic Transformer
01x System Reroute
01x Automatic Trigger
01x Dual Rounds
01x Hollowed Bullets
01x Arcane Locust Helmet (Arcane Helmet)
01x Arcane Chorus Helmet (Arcane Helmet)
01x Arcane Backdraft Helmet (Arcane Helmet)
01x Arcane Squall Helmet (Arcane Helmet)
01x Arcane Swindle Helmet (Arcane Helmet)
01x Arcane Coil Helmet (Arcane Helmet)
01x Arcane Flux Helmet (Arcane Helmet)
01x Arcane Menticide Helmet (Arcane Helmet)
01x Arcane Vespa Helmet (Arcane Helmet)
01x Arcane Vanguard Helmet (Arcane Helmet)
01x Arcane Aura Helmet (Arcane Helmet)
01x Tethra's Doom (Event mod set) | though i don't think i have anything even coming close to what these are worth.
01x Operation Breeding Grounds (Event mod set) | though i don't think i have anything even coming close to what these are worth.
01x Primed Chamber (Event mod) | though i don't think i have anything even coming close to what these are worth.
01x Sacrifice (Sentinel mod) | though i don't think i have anything even coming close to what these are worth.
01x EMP (Aura mod) | though i don't think i have anything even coming close to what these are worth.

Last total synchronization to list 2014-10-09;05:20:00

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