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Let Us Use Modified Versions Of Our Frames Skills In Archwing. Seriously.


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What is the point of using any other frame in Archwing than a Rhino Prime /w Vanguard + Armor mods. High shields, high HP, high armor.


As long as your WarFrame determines the Archwing stats, but none of the skills...Rhino /w Arcane Vanguard is currently the best frame to use. Valkyr has more armor...but...like half the shields. So it events out. The Arcane adds speed, making him as Fast as Loki.


It limits peoples selection of Frames.


So find a way to let us use our abilities. Else, they're all going to waste. The funny part is most abilities would still fit space-combat with little change....and it'd be awesome.

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>Has built every frame

>Still refuses to touch rank 0 Rhino Prime






Are you playing Archwing? Or are you a PS4 player only? Come back after you play Archwing.


Also, not touching Rhino Prime out of what...some kind of pride? That's quite odd. I main Loki, Excalibur, Nekros. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy being a Rhino at times. People hate Rhino just because it's popular to do so.  :"Everyone says Rhino is a OP Noobframe, so I won't use him and show how superior I am."


Sounds like you.


The way Archwing works right now, Rhino Prime has the most shields, the fastest speed, the third highest armor, the most HP...and since the game doesn't take into account your abilities...it's like....why use something else? Why gimp yourself? All Archwing abilities are the same for all Frames. They should be unique to Frames. Why chose a slower Frame, with less shields, with less armor, with less health? When it affects nothing. You won't even pay attention to the frame in the Archwings, it's mostly covered up.


It's just abit pointless right now to use the vast majority of Frames in Archwing.

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if you want the ultimate defense you play rhino with all the goodies, but only played him like in the start of archwing (because I was still a noob at it), now I use any other frame with the defense build (energy, health, armor and shield), I recently played an INT mission with a friend using excalibur, I stayed till round 12 (cos it's getting boring) and I didn't die once........and, Exaclibur looks bad@$$ with that huge space sword :D

so using rhino p with goodies is a choice, not a "have to" 

and even if what you suggest is applied, everyone will still use rhino p cos his iron skin will be available 

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I personally use loki and zephyr for archwing, because I feel they are more agile, rotation speed is greater than rhino.


Not with Arcane Vanguard, is what I mentioned.



And Iron Skin has limited effects, it has an upper limit, enemies damage does not. Radial Disarm would be good to have with Loki, Radial Blind with Excalibur. Nekros could summon Ghost ships. That'd look badass. Could crate again. Most abilities would still work. Slash Dash could work with the new lock-on melee system easily.  Rhino Stomp could be like a clap, he'd smash his hands together, sending out a wave.


It'd just be alot more variety than what we have now.

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I'm a migrated player. So I play on PC and PS4. Also, this:


Numbers aren't everything. 


Then what is the point of Archwing if Numbers aren't everything? 


The various Warframes lose their unique abilities and strap on 8 new ones. There's no change in gameplay mechanics - I can't use Limbo to enter the void or isolate enemies, can't use Zephyr to fly around can't utilize any of Mag's polarizing power, or even help my teammates with Trinity. I only need to equip a Zephyr with redirection, vitality and vigor, strap on some stamina regen and off I go. There's no point in me using someone such as Loki because I can't do anything that makes Loki what he is. If I chose Loki then I would be handicapping myself for no benefit. The enemies can out DPS me faster if I have no tricks up my sleeve.


Archwing strips warframes of their uniqueness and makes numbers vital. Saying that numbers aren't everything is quite true in the vanilla gamemodes, but Archwing makes numbers everything. All I need to do is strap on a Valkyr with the steel armor mod or some other similar combination to make my health and shields higher, and I can do moderately well.

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As much as I'd like to see something of the sort happen, that would be incredibly difficult to implement and it would conceptually make little to no sense with some of the Frames' abilities (e.g. all of Ember's abilities, Hydroid's puddle, Oberon and Rhino's 4s, etc).


What I would prefer is for your stats in Archwing to scale from your Frame's mods, but not the Frame's base stats. So a Rank 0 Loki and a Rank 30 Rhino Prime, if they're both equipped with only Redirection, will have identical stats in Archwing mode because their Frame is nothing more than a cosmetic at this point.

This goes for movement speed as well. It should be determined by the Archwing's base stats and mods, not the Warframe's.

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