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Severe Fps Drops - Possibly Related To Grineer Galleon, Smoke Billows, Off-Screen Crowds.


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I play on a notebook, but a beefy one: 


Full HD

Intel Haswell quad-core 4700MQ 2.4Ghz

Geforce 765M 2GB 

16GB RAM 1600Mhz


Most of the time the game runs at or close to 60fps. Sometimes thoguh, the frame rate drops significantly.


I can identify the following situations which cause ~20fps scenarios:


Large crowds - any map. Crowds do not have to be on-screen for the FPS to drop. It sends my fps to the low-30s or high-20s.


Smoke Billows/Grineer Galleon - I don't know if it is specific to the Grineer galleon itself, or if it is just when several fire pits are in close vicinity. But I have noticed it more with those two going together. The smoke billows coming up from the fire pits are gorgeous. But even with no/very few enemies, it destroyed my FPS. 

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I have noticed that sometimes an enemy gets stuck on an asteroid and I don't know if it's the constant collisions or pathing attempts but it causes severe frame drops, I go from a solid 60 to ~25. Destroying the enemy fixes my framerate. I am playing on an older PC though at 720p with evey setting turned down.


EDIT: You didn't specifiy, but I'm talking about archwing missions.

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In my case it was not archwing missions, it was goold old warframe. 



But it's totally likely to have additional problems on Archwing's AI. 


In my case, obliterating the crowds of enemies restored my FPS in certain scenarios. 


In the crowd-less scenarios, only moving to other parts of the level seemed to improve the problem. 

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