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Unassisted From Support


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i have made 3 tickets to Support from Sunday and Monday

to report problems and get help

The problems began at Sunday at 18.00 GMT+3 when i rushed the Odonata

build in order to play Archwing at evening (+8 hours left to be ready from 18.00)

result is nowhere see Archwing and in quest keep telling me "use the foundry to build Odonata"

and also 50 plat gone maded several log off and restarts but nothing and in forums saw similar problems

The second is that  when i reach the rank Brave in Steel Meridian bought a second Sigil

but not apears in Regalia also 5000 points gone

I have sent tickets to Archwing Bug Reports, Missing item or Restoration Help, Foundry Claim Rush Build Issue

but none of them have respond

The last patch made a miracle and see at last the Archwing in my Arsenal and yesterday began to play

but still miss the second Steel Meridian sigil and i want refound the 50 plat from Sunday rushing but

the most i want a responce from Support


PS i fully understand the volume of patch 15 and the bug fixing and all this work and many thanks

for all this

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also support is usually less staffed (if at all) on the weekend so tend to backlog during the weekend which they must then weed through (this is probably even more the case right after a big update) give them some time they will get there it may take a week or so.  

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Creating multiple tickets for the same issue will actually slow down responses from support; this is because not only do they need to look into the issue, but they also have to sift through more than 1 report and figure out whether they're the same thing or not.


It also slows down things for everyone else because support treats each ticket as a unique issue; you've potentially slowed support for yourself and others.


Support is currently dealing with thousands upon thousands of tickets because of U15's launch. It will likely take more than a day to get back to you. It may take up to a week or two or three depending on when you submitted your ticket and how many tickets were submitted by other users before yours.


Please, for the sake of support staff, be patient. Tickets tend to be answered in the order in which they were received.


And whatever you do, please please please do not make multiple tickets for the same issue. It doesn't speed up response time; it slows down response time and only annoys support staff.

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