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Archwing Improvement Ideas


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Dam, been playing, gone through hell hole but die like dog. Just dam.

Anyway I've some ideas for the archwing gameplay:


1) Since sentinels can't bring to space (so as kubrows), how about create a "Locust" drone for the Tenno that have the ability of current equipped or selected sentinel.

(* Got rape by just scaning the little Locust drone, I really need my Helios's ability. And carrier's ability too)


2) Archwing health, shield and armor thin like paper. Gun and blade hit like feather (or not?). Try buffing up the archwing multiplier.

(* Is it me or DE really buff up all the enemies!? My rhino stomp lvl 24 enemies with max blind rage and intensity but they didn't die. O.o)


If more ideas come up I'll edit again and please do share some ideas of yours too. =) Cheers


PS: Sorry for my bad english.

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