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Deconstructor Damage: Testing And Questions



Hi all,


So I was away from Warframe for awhile, and am a little late to the party regarding Helios. This is kind of good because the major bugs with its performance seem fixed, but questions remain.


Ingame, Deconstructor's damage is listed as Impact, but on the Wiki it says it's a mix of impact/slash/puncture, and varies shot by shot. How does the wiki know this? I tried to test Deconstructor's damage myself, but I don't see the individual shot numbers. Is there a way to make those numbers visible?


Also, if this is true, will Rending Strike (+slash/puncture) be a good damage boost? I suppose it's competing with elemental mods, which will boost damage no matter what type of shot Helios fires. Heavy Trauma is a nice efficient +75% to Impact, and again the ingame stats really improve when you equip it, but if it's only affecting 1/3 of the shots, then it's actually not great.


It seems rather off-putting that the ingame stats would be so skewed with this weapon. Why not make each shot a 33/33/33 mix of impact/slash/puncture like other weapons, and call it a day?


I'd like to find some of this out and help my fellow Tenno, but without being able to see the damage Helios (or any sentinel) does in real combat, I don't see how that's possible.

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Hi dude, it´s hard to explain for me, i´m not good in english, but i try to do my best.


Wikia: Currently, the ways to increase the damage of the Deconstructor are to increase its overall damage with a Pressure Point or Spoiled Strike mod, increase its base impact damage though the Heavy Trauma mod.


           Although listed as having only 18px-Impact_b.png Impact , each disk thrown is 18px-Impact_b.png Impact , 18px-Slash_b.png Slash , then 18px-Puncture_b.png Puncture in sequence. This is the only weapon with multiple projectile types like this and the in-game stats can not currently show this.


In case, listed above, you are able increasing only Impact damage, so other damage mods, like Rending Strike or Buzz Kill, are useless. With maxed Pressure Point, Spoiled Strike and Heavy Trauma gives you 304 Impact dmg, which is not directly cut to three, but randomly divide to Imp/Slash/Punc ( tested on Corpus Crewman, without elemental mods, while one was killed by one hit another needed two but second pinned him on to bridge), that means one hit can be like this 104/100/100 while another 0/100/204, but everytime it´s 304.


Wikia: The Deconstructor is a glaive type melee weapon and therefore accepts thrown melee weapon exclusive mods like Power Throw and Whirlwind.


          It seems to be aimed at enemies' heads (if humanoid), and consistently scores headshots.


Because i mostly use Excalibro Radial Blind,


Wikia:Radial Blind: Stealth Damage Multipliers are applied to the first melee attack on blinded enemies. Coming into physical contact with the enemy while attacking will remove the damage bonus.


i decided also to use Quick Return, in that case are every throw first and you get 400% dmg thanks to RB.


So here is my build: Pressure Point, Spoiled Strike and Heavy Trauma for max Impact

                                Whirlwind, Quick Return under RB support

                                2x Double stat mods, be carefull which you choose: contraindication with mellee weapon

                                Definitly REACH, completly erase disadvantage with small radius


Happy Hunting

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