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Syndicate Death Squads.


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Hi! Well... I think is a matter of time (and maybe DE have the idea already) to get new death squads for each syndicate, something unique for each one like Stalker, Zanuka and the 3G. Personaly I think the Cephalon Suda could have a very interesting death squad, maybe a squadron of a new type of Orokin warrior robots? and what about the Arbitrers of Exis? maybe a troop of unknow Warrior Warframes? :D!

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1. The update only recently came out so hold back on that "I think it's a matter of time" phrase for a bit.


2. They do have death squads already, just not 'unique' ones.


3. This idea does have the potential to hurt players for choosing one side over another. What if the Arbiters had that warframe squad and it would destroy players? I would be thankful that I am a part of the Arbiters but people that are part of the Veil or Perrin will be unfairly punished if these squads are not balanced properly.


4. What if I'm a part of Suda but say, for fun or for scans, I want to fight this new squad of robots. I would have to completely reverse my standing and undo all of my work up to this point.

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Too many Deah squads. I personally think only stalker would be enough. Too many grind.

No one said that they have to drop anything.

Those are purely meant for punishment.

Of course it could be cool if they dropped blueprints like the stalker. (Not like Zanuka or G3 please). But it's not really necessary.

Also I don't think DE knows what a Platoon is. A Platoon is roughly 40 units of something. Yet I have not seen 40 rollers or 40 Ancient Healers storming at me.

But if the Arbiters sent a platoon of guys dressed like the 3 guys in the little video message with some badass ray or beam weapons that would be menacing as F***.

Or Steel Meridian actually sending a "gang" of people of all factions with makeshift hybrid weaponry.

Suda sending an army of spider bots to abduct you.

Red Veil sending in an army of human assassins wielding melee weapons (and actually using coptering and directional attacks).

All that stuff could be really great and it could really change how you play a mission every once in a while...after all you could be around while someone else is being attacked by a death squad. (Which btw should be interactive -> If you are a main supporter of that faction...you can't really afford to help your Tenno mate without &!$$ing them off...so what do you do?)

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What do you all think if they introduced a mechanic where other teammates with positive standing for the death squad type were locked out from attacking them?   Too harsh? 



Well i got a death squad on me today from Suda it was rather anticlimatic, the whole squad spawned in a vortex and got instakilled by a rocket.


Actually LOL'd and my cubemates know I'm goofing off for certain right now.

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