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Is This A Valid Reason For Me To Go To Support?



So heres the story.


After hours of grinding in this gamemode killing of invisible enemies (cant believe they havent fixed this yet) I finnaly manage to get the mod electrified barrel .After the third round (YES THIRD!) the host decides to leave....ok then host migration here we go.........failed to connect to host and it couldnt update my account information.....@(*()$ fantastic. Not only did I miss the mod I sought after but also a chance for a reward.


So here I ask. Is this a good reason for me to go and ask support or am I wasting my time?


ps. Im sorry for the salt but this mod is the only gun mod left that I need youd all probably feel the same so i hope you can understand.

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You're wasting your time asking support, they'll just tell you since you didn't finish the game they have no logs of you having ever done it.



I lost about 30 rare 5 cores from a hiccup in a T4 survival in a similar fashion. I got the same response from support too, though they were helpful and apologetic throughout.

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