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Good Players Needed For Archwing Elytron Hunt


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Need to find really good players to do this. I know there's been other threads mentioning the same thing but i've only manage to get in touch with a few of the players (mostly not online while i am on - tried pming).


Hopefully this post can gather some good/ top-tier archwing players to fulfil the dream of getting Elytron without paying plats. 

I'm using corrosive + blast for all my weapons, and the team aura configuration i'm looking at is [Corrosive Projection x2] & [Energy siphon x2]. Health will be self-replenished by health restores.

Of course, the most important thing is survivability. 

Basically, someone who has completed the mission before = good player.

List of good players i have completed Caelus with:
1. 413X

2. HellDiver

3. RogerPedactor

4. Squints_Palledorous

5. Juebev -----------------------------(completed Elytron)

6. JakeRobber------------------------(completed Elytron)

7. yhn12345

8. Armouredhunter

9. Elfalpha



Hope to add more to this list and also to kind of have a small community to help each other out to get parts.

Edit: Finally gotten all Elytron parts. Nonetheless, others hunting can refer to the list above for helpers.


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