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Are Invasive Type Bosses Part Of Syndicate Missions?


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Hi there, its Brachy. I'm more than a little confused about an event, or rather pair of events that just happened to me.


I was doing a steel meridian sabotage, and the G3 said hi. This was odd because I wasn't marked at all. Sure my conclave was low enough to facilitate them coming, but I only had a stalker mark. That being said, I beat them got mods from each but no parts for the weapon. Then extracted.


Next, and RIGHT AFTER THIS ONE, I was doing a Red Veil exterminate, and about half the way through, the same thing happened. G3 says hi, I beat them up, get mods, no part drop.


I had my suspicions earlier than this though, when I was doing a Red veil sabotage Corpus mission and the Zanuka Harvester said hi. But then I was marked, although I'm still certain my conclave was too high, and that consumed the mark and I got two parts (Bp and Barrel).


Anywho, I'm just curious if there are others who have experienced this phenomena, or if this is a very strange glitch.

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