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Player Rescue Alert


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The Harvester proxy (for the zanuka project) if successful in your capture will send you djrectly to a recovery/escape mission.

This gave me an idea:

Once a player reaches mastery rank 2 and above and joins their preferred syndicate, then reach negative ranking in their opposed/enemy syndicate, the player will not only be hunted by the Eximus units, but also a 'bounty hunter' as well.

A bounty will be placed onto said player, with their syndicate rank determining the value of the bounty and the chance to spawn the bounty hunter in their missions. Example: An 'Honored' Red Veil member will have a smaller bounty and spawn chance than an 'Exalted' member.

The hunter will have a very low spawn chance, increasing along with syndicate ranks as stated above. Spawn chance will preferably start lower than the Stalker's, and remain unaffected by the amount of players in the hunted's party. There will be a requirement of 3-4 players in the party for the hunter to be able to spawn, as he or she will hopefully be more challenging than the average assassin (sorry, Stalker, you know it's true). The level of the hunter will be effected by the current mission's enemy levels.

~Upon death of the hunter, mods and or resources of the current mission's planet may drop, or maybe new blueprints and parts, who knows?

~Upon capture of the hunted player, the hunter will retreat and disappear along with the player, personally removing them from the mission (not effecting the other party members). Said player will be taken to a screen in which they will have the options to either:

1- Pay off their own bounty and be released.

2- Be executed by the syndicate that had placed the bounty upon them, resulting in all revives taken away for the next 48 hours (real time).

Or 2- Player will be sold to a highest bidding faction (randomly assigned to corpus or grineer) and be placed in a holding cell for the next 2 hours. This will create a public alert mission that any player may participate in. The alert mission will be an 'Exterminate' in which players will kill off said faction until they release the captive player.

Each mission of the alert will increase a completion bar on the alert panel by approximately 1%. At 100% the captive player shall be released as to end the bloodshed of the faction. (The captive player will be able to observe the progression). All players who participate in this rescue(?) will be awarded a small amount of credits and possibly other rewards such as resources of the planet or mods/cores.

The player will be returned back to their Liset and everyone will be happy again (well maybe not the faction that you slaughtered, but still).

Would love some feedback on this idea

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