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Trinity Build And Weapon Sets



currently I have







Blind rage



Natural Talent

Continuity( I think, maybe not, I forgot my 8'th mod i'll check up on it when I have time)


narrowminded rank 6 <- won't go higher, need the duration

streamline rank 3 <- haven't forma'd yet.









Arcane Aura Helmet, +25% duration -5% health


It's the weapons that im worrying about mostly , and maybe on the build if any1 cares to give tips.

The primary is my main concern, Id like something to work with chain so im building Ogris , but you can't really kill more than 3-4 targets at a time via chain, which is stupid but well .... >.>


any tips on what your own experience has told you that I should do with trinity?

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dread do a 3 forma build, 2 Vs and 1 dash 

use sawtooth and fanged fussilad 

crit mods are the usual with hammershot 

damage mods are serration and split chamber

plus one speed trigger 


and go knock lvl 80 corrupted or ancients in one shot 

have fun XD

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Here's what I use: Natural Talent, Streamline, Vitality, Intensify, Flow, Quick Thinking, Constitution, Stretch.


I don't use Narrow Minded because I like my teammates to get energy from EV even when they're a little further away.


I don't know, maybe not the best build, but I'm fine with it.

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For Dread, I recommend the build I use (crits and elements) since I've seen it do a red crit of 70,001 on a Volatile Runner on Xini, Eris (sorry for not having a screenshot, but I didn't get time).

1 Forma, adding an extra V polarity.

Serration (8/10), Split Chamber (5/5), Speed Trigger (5/5), Vital Sense (5/5), Point Strike (5/5), elemental status chance mod(s) (3/3) of either Viral (Rime Rounds and Malignant Force), Gas (Thermite Rounds and Malignant Force) or pure Toxin (Malignant Force and Infected Clip) and Fast Hands OR add another event mod/


For Trinity, I'd dedicate a build slot to tanking enemy fire with Link and another for Blessing. The last should probably be for all powers. I don't know.

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