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Grakata - I Love It But I Can't Use It!


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I recently got my hands on this lovely little weapon, however I can't use it because I can not change the mods on it. For some reason, at some point it was level 2.. I finish a mission and its level 4. So I put a level 4 mod on it. Now the UI is freaking out and won't let me take the mod off. I use it in mission and its supposed to be armor piercing but its suddenly frost damage I'm spewing out. 

Any attempt to take the mod out results in the mods being locked and the UI remains on screen even after I leave that part of the page. 

Is there some way to reset the gun so I can actually level it properly and not to mention, use it? 

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ahh sorry, missed that part.


a friend got this similar issue but he got it reverted, he can't place the mod in it, as there is actually a mod in it already (due to server communication fails)


i got this with a rifle that i can't take the mod out, was because, the actual level of the item hasn't reach that level displayed in the UI, (again, server communication fail), i have to level the weapon some more that it actually have the required mod energy, thus i am able to take the mods out.


if by leveling the said item doesn't help, try to submit a support ticket instead here https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/requests/new


i'm sure it is possible to reset the weapon as it happens with 'broken' items due to millions exp bug.


-edit: btw the supports are taking a bit longer atm.

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