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Syndicates - Bases, Lore And Characters


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I don't know about the rest of you but I've been loving the creation of the Syndicates. The Perrin Sequence, New Loka, Steel Meridian, Red Veil, Arbiters of Hexis, and Cephalon Suda bring about a whole new element into Warframe: The true possibility of a living, breathing universe outside of the central 4 factions (Grineer, Corpus, Infested and Corrupted) conflict.


Without any major fighting force behind each of these Syndicates to take on the major factions and the possibly of becoming a true faction they hold the capacity to present much more subtle ways of undermining the higher factions. This can easily be shown in mission types as reference to motives and methods (The Red Veil could do massive extermination missions, New Loka could do sabotage missions against Grineer cloning facilities and Corpus robot building facilities, Steel Meridian could do defense missions while defending key resources for independent colonies, etc.).


I believe the first best step towards giving these Syndicates weight would be giving them bases! Upon achieving a certain rank in their Syndicate they would give you the possibility of coming into their bases, talking to NPCs, looking at the unique environment, purchasing stuff and getting missions. Also bases could allow Tenno supporting the same syndicate to meet up, or allow specific decorations for Tenno dojos to be unlocked.


Also it would be useful to establish who we are talking to in each Syndicate. I have no idea where Cantis went (or if the speaker for the Red Veil is him), or who these people pleading for my assistance. Or even little things like why do the New Loka allow you to summon Infested Ancients if their goal is to bring pure humanity. If the red veil are all about killing the corruption why would they summon Infested Chargers? How do the Steel meridian plan on saving civilian populations with the use of Rollers?


Those are just my thoughts, if anyone has anything else they'd like to see I'm sure DE will be more than happy to look at it.

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Hopefully some of the current Syndicate content are just placeholders for more unique lore-driven rewards/etc.

I really do hope so and I hope they get working on it soon. I was much more excited for the lorecrafting with the Syndicates than the Archwing, personally. Suppose that makes me a lorehound, but whatever.


Something to really consider with the launch of player hubs.

What precisely do you mean?

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