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Stuck Behind Invisible Barrier In Archwing


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sabotage jupiter archwing mission, near the end of the mission i used full sprint to go to the exit, but missed the right turn. Then hit some obstacles with full speed and somehow got behind it...


i was stuck there, couldnt get through this invisible barrier again, no matter what i tried.


oh yeah...


and also....

i was carrying this























But dont be sad, after if you slam yourself full speed into a wall you lose ~5-10 hp

did that almost a 100 times and i was dead, then i pressed revive and i spawned on a normal place and could extract. So i still have the mod :D :D :D

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I realy do wish we could someday get an /unstuck command because of things like this.



Whathappened here i presume is that the games logic decided that the speed you wrre going at would allow you o pass through the object, but the game dod not take into consideration that the space between the wall was meant to be solid and impassable, causing physics to get you stuck behind there. Once you were there, the game determined that there was a wall there which was presumably meant to prevent you from reaching there, but instead, only ended up doing the opposite...

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i forgot to change my aura to rejuvenation.
If i had rejuvenation on, i would not be able to kill myself, since with 1600 armour you regenerate faster than you can kill yourself.......

luckily everything turned out good, but we definitely need an unstuck command indeed, or else a suicide button.

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