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Mods For Frost?



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Nope, you're going to be relying on your 75 and 100 en skills (globe and avalanche) a lot of the time which is different from Rhino where it's comfortable to just use iron skin more (a lower en costing skill).


Also, they differ by one polarity slot, Rhino has 2 D's while Frost has 1 D and 1 dash polarity meaning Rhino has more space for Vitality + Redirection while Frost has it for Flow, Reach and Streamline (which costs 9 slots at max). Basically, under the same setup, Rhino has 3 more slots to play around with (only if Vit or Redir is maxed out which is VERY difficult to do).


Since Frost does focus more on his skills and they're higher costing en wise, Flow, Reach and Streamline will be a priority (and they're easily accessible due to the polarity slot). I suggest leveling Flow and Streamline together because it is more effective that way if you have both reduced EN cost and a larger EN pool (streamline should take priority though). Make sure you're always using an Energy Syphon artifact.


You only need Snow Globe and Avalanche maxed out since Freeze (only useful on Jackal) and Ice Wave are pitiful in terms of both damage and utility.


Continuity is good for extending Snow Globe's duration but make sure you max it before you grab continuity.


Other than that, level your Vitality as well as Redirection with Redirection taking advantage of the only D polarity slot.


After, it's all up to personal preference. I don't recommend Iron Fiber until your Vitality is at a high level (or at all if you need to save on the slots).


The other two double dash (or attack) slots are wasted because Freeze and Ice Wave don't have much use so you are limited to build variations if you ever need to use those spaces for other types of mods.


Here's my build, I'm still waiting for a potato to slot it with but it should give you a good idea of what to do.


Lv0 Snow Globe on = polarity

Lv3 Avalanche on = polarity

Lv4 Streamline on - polarity

Lv0 Reach

Lv2 Redirection  on D polarity

Lv2 Vitality

Lv1 Flow


I could take out Reach for Snow Globe lv3 and other slot points on something else but as of right now it doesn't hamper my playstyle. It also helps with the range of lv 3 Avalanche.


Edit: Actually it would be better to go lv 3 Snow Globe and lv 5 Streamline instead of the Reach.


Double Edit: Actually you'll have an extra point left, use it towards Vitality if you're going to add on the special helmet for Frost which adds 30% armor (50 armor) for -5% of total hp (including passive and Vitality). Other options for that point is either 2 more Redirection levels or another level in Flow (lv 1 Flow at lv 30 Frost is 200 En which is good for most situations especially if up against Ancient Disruptors who sap all your En).

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