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Energy Orbs And Cooldowns, My Idea


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Okay so i have seen alot of suggestions on what would be a good way to handle the energy orb to cool down problem so i would like to bring up what i have been thinking. 

First the big problem with a Cooldown is that CDs can make you want to wait in a room for your cd to come back

The big problem with Energy orbs is it turns you fear to use your abiltys, and single target abiltys are never used because it just is not worth it unless its a boss


so my suggestion is a form of combining both


~-actually suggestion starts here-~

if you had a "freebie system" that allowed for free ability on a cd and energy used to reset the cd when ever it could solve these problems 


to be simple lets just use a 1:1 ratio of energy to cd and change mods to effect cd instead of energy usage then you could still have the current energy system but it will also encourage using your ability more then just boss fights and actually use all of your abiltys 


lets take the frost for instance as he stands in the current system i almost never use his first 2 abilitys as his other 2 are a much better use for the energy. how ever if you where to take this system all of his abilitys would be used, i would favor his first abilty for the low cd but also favor using the 3rd one when needed knowing if i need it again i could just use energy if it was truly needed again


moving over to a caster like ember, with the full energy load out people curently normally used it is possible to if you are unlucky to never get energy drops and have to use your gun, in this system where energy is to lower your cd even if you never come into energy you can still use your abilitys alot, and abilitys that would have normally been ignored in favor of conserving energy would then be used for other abilitys


the point of this system is to be able to favor abilitys while not being punished for using other abilitys 

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Certainly. I would like an incentive to use those underused abilities... I would love to use them, but there's so much more effective ways of dealing with enemies, either with weapons or  AOE attacks...


Having the first ability allow you a freebie every 30 seconds (and maybe the second every minute, 2 minutes?) would be interesting, and add some interesting gameplay as well... currently I don't even equip many abilities, because they would be a waste of energy.


But with low-cost abilities having a freebie-cooldown, I could see myself chucking a fireball, ice spike or psychic blast every now and then.


I feel that something has to be done to encourage a more varied playstyle.

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Maybe the solution is not to change the energy mechanics themselves but to change the cost of the abilities. Like Sherbniz has stated there are more cost effective means to killing enemies vs say Shuriken, but what if Shuriken only costs 10 or even 5 energy. Then it might actually be worth considering. 

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yeah with my loki i dont even have my 4th ability equiped, its just not worth it, like why would i use 100 energy to disarm a group when i could just go invi and kill them for half the cost its easy to deiced


and how i have it set up currently is energy=1 sec cd in my suggestion 


so you use your 4th ability thats a 100sec cd and 100 energy to use again right off the bat, or wait 50 seconds and only cost 50 energy, ofcourse this is not perfect and requires balancing but its just set up this way to better understand

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