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My Thoughts About The Game And How To Make It Even Better


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Hello, i have been playing this game for about a month an a half (200 hours, mastery rank 8), i think its an amazing free to play game, i believe the playerbase is surprisingly a little small (relatively, compared to other games), i have played A LOT of online games and this is one of the best, and a very unique product, NOT A CLONE, you deserve more players.


That being said, it has some flaws, here are my thoughts and some ideas to make it even better:


I believe the strenght of the game, besides the gameplay itself, are the customization options: more than 20 warframes to choose from, lots of primary weapons, sidearms, melee weapons, attachments, colors, mods, catalysts, formas. I can get the gear i want and customize it the way i want. Sadly, you have a lot of dead content, outclassed weapons and some frames not working as intended, and i think you should focus on bringing this old content back, reworking it, instead of just releasing new frames and weapons.


A good example is the Nekros, im not saying hes underpowered or bad, but if people use him for the sole porpuse of getting loot, hes obviously not working as intended, he should fit the necromancer theme, he needs a rework.


We have a huge list of outclassed, useless weapons (latron, hek, sobek, hind, etc) whose only reason to build is for the mastery, they are just bad even for new players, they need to be looked at, balance, give them a porpuse.


The game needs more tilesets, each planet should have its own, more enemies, so it does not become repetitive. I know you have been working on this, but i had to mention it.


The mobs are pretty dumb, the AI needs improvements, specially when dealing against stealth frames like Loki, maybe we need an unit that detects invisible characters so people dont rush the entire level?


As a new player, one of the things im gonna be looking for are some amazing boss fights, i know this is irrelevant for old players, but it should be looket at. The only epic fight i remember is the Lephantis boss and maybe the Jackal, if i spend a week getting to Pluto, im expecting a big badass boss, not a buffed fussion MOA.


Lets talk about the free to play system and the market, i know this is delicate because this is where you get money. I think the system is pretty fair with new players, you can get through all the game and enjoy all the content without spending money, and if you want to get a weapon or a frame right away or get some cosmetic detail, you can pay the money. but it confuses me when i check the market and see a weapon like the Hek or the Sobek for 225 plat (remember, old and outclassed). Excluding the inventory slot and the catalyst, thats 199 platinum, about 12$, so why would you charge 12$ for an old and bad weapon overall? not to mention anyone can just build it in 12 hours.Of course i dont have any data to support this, but i guess you dont sell a lot of this stuff, these prices need to be reviewed and updated.


You sell the newest frame, the Limbo, for 200 platinum (a good deal i have to say), but then i see Rhino (375p), Oberon (325p), Frost (375p), it doesnt make any sense.


Finally, the actual trade system is a little awkward, maybe in the future you can implement an auction house, i know you have to be careful on this, because you still need people to buy platinum.


I hope some developer reads this post, again i must say that the game is amazing, very fun to play, take this post as constructive criticism and sorry for the grammar, english is not my mother language.

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I do agree on the Nekros part, give the SotD corpses actual AI where they either follow you prior to engaging the enemy or go after the enemy themselves.  They should also make it last longer(My main problem with SotD is the casting time CUTS INTO THE ACTUAL SKILL'S TIME!  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any other skill does that).


Soul Punch got a bit of a weird/awesome upgrade, I like the idea, but the cost is very high.


Terrify is just..bad.  It needs to hit everyone, not a limited amount of targets.


On a sidenote: I got super excited for the Hek's multishot mod and joined Steel Meridian, only to find out that the numbers were wrong.  Very annoyed about this...the Hek is still a decent shotgun, though.

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