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Syndicate Rep Overflow Lost On Rank Up


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Well, I've seen the other threads about losing rep on rank up. Although I agree it isn't ideal, this thread isn't about that.


Last night, I got to Rank 1 (Brave) with Steel Meridian. Yay. I took my sweet time. The problem was I was at about 4790 rep before I did my last mission, a Wave 35 T4 Def.


Afterwards I looked at the Syndicate Standing screen. -1938 rep with Perrin Sequence. -969 something rep with New Loka. +969 rep with Red Veil. And finally, +210 rep with Steel Meridian.


No problem, I thought. It'll be like Mastery; once I rank up, I'll have that overflow going towards the next rank. Nope. I rank up, and there I am at 0 rep.

Now, I can deal with this. I'm not raging per say. But, the logic I feel leads to bad gameplay. It means that once you get near to ranking up, you have to do smaller and smaller rep missions so as to make sure you don't waste your rep on ranking up. That enforced gameplay mechanic is a bit silly. I should play the missions I want to play, and be rewarded for them. So, what do people think? Obviously my opinion is that rep overflow should not be lost on rank up. If they want to prolong the rep farming, then they should just add another 1,000 or so to each rank. But I'm pretty sure my argument stands; making people play missions they might not want to just so they don't waste rep on rank up is bad design.

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