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Request: Better Control Of Directional Melee Vs. Air Slam


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As title.


The radial knockdown on melee weapons is a literal life-saver for most of your Tenno-ing career (which is to say, at least until you've collected and ranked up your mods enough not to have to worry about dying outside of endless missions).

I'm liking the Directional Melee, but it interferes with that functionality, either making you have to judder the camera around like something that judders around alot, or doing a Directional Melee when you were trying to do an Air Slam (and consequently getting you killed).



(While in air)

* Forward + Attack = Directional, Attack = Air Slam. Not my preferred solution, since forward is used for aiming.

* Shift + Attack = DM, Attack = AS. I'd prefer this. The problem is, what about people who use 'sprint toggle'?

* Attack = DM, Back + Attack = AS. I think this one'd work.

* Press = Directional, Hold = Slam. Kinda works atm, will do a DM and chain into a Slam. Might be simplest to just leave it like this and expect the player to get used to the offset that the partial DM will cause...? :/

* Alternatively, switch them. Press = slam, hold = DM? Would have to playtest that.



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I thought it would be that when you hold forward you directional attack and when you don't you slam, I believe it was like that in the devstream they showed but it aint like that in game now. I like the new air attacks but slam is broken I used to use it to stop my momentum, copter real fast and land straight on someones head with a well placed slam it was really reliable, almost can't do it anymore I need it back.

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