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Please Try To Fix The Problem Where Most Of Preferences Getting Resetted Everytime I Log-In....


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This had been ongoing since Update 15, and I've seen many hotfixes but I'm not seeing this bug getting fixed.... :(




The problem is, everytime I log-in, 'most' my preferences gets back to default, which I have to set it myself everytime if I want to play....


This affects : My aim sensitivity, and many 'Control' section on/off button, (doesn't change my customized keys though) Ping limits, many of on/off button in 'Gameplay' section, my HUD margins, many if on/off buttons in 'HUD' section, field of view in 'Display' section, my gear is flushed out, (meaning that ALL equipped gears such as codex scanners....are unequipped.), my chat placement, mod filter....


PLEASE see to it that it is fixed, this is taking so much of my gameplay time.... :( Thank you!....

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That's on our end mate, i had the same problem and support help me to fix it this way: 


Hello Orbister,

We are so sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems while playing Warfame.

When the game is not running, try going to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Warframe and deleting all the funny named folders (like F36423HGJYG5434000 ) and any .cfg files.

Please note that this would delete your key bindings and all the other in-game settings. If you want to back up your key bindings, please copy the content in your EE.cfg file and paste it back after you deleting all those files.

Please let me know if it helps or if you need further assistance.


Give it a try if it doesn't work contact support, it worked perfectly for me and many others with this problem here in the forums said it worked for them too.

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