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Syndicates: The Current Mechanic And Some Fine-Tuning That Needs Adressing


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So, I realize most of what I was going to say has already been beaten dead and again in only the past ~week upon Update 15's release, but I feel I should expound in my own thread for fear that simply fine-tuning another real-life Warframe players's already existent thread on their thread would cause my voice to get lost in the rabbble. In case you want, what I as my person consider to be the best post thus far on the Syndicates, follow, or copy/paste this link https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/336120-syndicates-and-why-theyve-been-done-wrong/


I also realize I am probably going to get a LOT of flak (lay man's terms: sh*te/hate) for this, since everyone these days is ALL about equal opportunity for everyone, but here goes:

As it stands, there is currently no incentive in the Syndicate "wars" to prevent people from grinding back from a already-2/3/4/5/6-rank'd up, main-focus'd Syndicate of a particular players's choosing, respectively. Take this as you may, there ARE people out there crazy enough to do such a thing, even with the Syndicate "wars's" mechanic being so grind-y, it and of itself should be enough to prevent people of that callibre of crazy from switching main-focus'd Syndicates. I am one such example of those kinds of persons capable of the aforementioned level of bat-sh*te crazy, and I am here to tell you that is 100% wrong. Yes, the Syndicate mechanic of Warframe is the biggest grind to date (here's a trigger on at least a few of you alls's nostalgia: Runescape), even more so than the game I have just mention'd as an aside topic. I grew up on grind games, and I am not the only one.


Hopefully that last paragraph will make at least a wee bit of sense to you all, and forgive me if it doesn't. My vocabulary is not what it once was, as I am not exactly an english/literature major in any sense of the word/concept. <-Irrelevent.


I say all this to say: I would love to see a ACTUAL Syndicate wars that would reward players for sticking with their very first mainly-focus'd Syndicate. And no, not just some dimpy ol' Dark Sector conflict hudgel. Let's all be utterly honest, the PvP in Warframe as a whole as it stands right now is pure sh*te. No, I am speaking of a mechanic that adds Syndicate-specific events to Warframe. And I mean Cryotic event-callibre events, with Wraith weapons that only the Syndicate that has/wins the event can have, or a special set of mods, like sniper-focused gun mod set, or a Warframe elemental augmentation mod set, such as a electric mod that would cause Ember's World on Fire to deal radiation damage, or a toxin mod for Hydroid that causes his pool to add viral damage to enemies in the pool or an aura to teammates or something.


These events could also be two-sided, bringing in a similar mechanic to the Corpus vs. Grineer invasion nodes that we use to get marks from the G3/Zanuka Harvester to try to get Brakk parts/Detron parts, instead of having the Syndicate War between, say, Red Veil and Arbiters of Hexis be PvP.


Anyway, I'm too hyperactive to really know how to finish tying the knot of my thoughts on this subject, so I leave it to you, my fellow Tenno in the community, to try and help me bring my thoughts to a conclusion.


But if you just take a bout on me for suggesting this, I will have you reported. Save your hate for Call of Duty and League of Legends.

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