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Dranz' Undercut Emporium


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Selling Arcane Helmets, Prime parts and blueprints, stances, and rare mods. You find another seller's thread with a lower listed price? Link it to me, as long as it looks legit, I'll beat that price by a platinum to a minimum of 1 platinum. Why? I just want to get rid of this stuff.


Arcane Helmets: Aura (30p), Avalon (20p), Flux (25p), Hemlock (20p), Phoenix (30p), Swindle (25p), Thrak (20p)


Prime Parts: Akbronco Prime BP (4p), Boar Prime BP (2p), Boar Prime Receiver (2p), Boltor Prime Stock (1p), Braton Prime BP (3p), Braton Prime Stock (3p), Bronco Prime BP (4p), Bronco Prime Barrel (2p), Burston Prime Stock (2p), Dakra Prime Handle (4p), Ember Prime BP (1p), Ember Prime Helmet (4p), Fang Prime Blade (4p), Frost Prime chassis (4p), Frost Prime Helmet (4p), Latron Prime BP (1p), Latron Prime Barrel (1p), Latron Prime Stock (4p), Latron Prime Receiver (4p), Lex Prime Barrel (4p), Mag Prime BP (1p), Mag Prime Chassis (1p), Orthos Prime BP (3p), Orthos Prime Handle (5p), Orthos Prime Blade (12p), Paris Prime BP (2p), Paris Prime Lower Limb (3p) Paris Prime String (3p), Reaper Prime BP (4p), Reaper Prime Handle (4p)


Stances: Clashing Forest (4p), Gemini Cross (5p), Malicious Raptor (8p), Burning Wasp (2p), Bleeding Willow (10p), Crossing Snakes (10p), Reaping Spiral (4p), Coiling Viper (3p), Sinking Talon (10p), Sundering Weave (1p), Swirling Tiger (5p), Fracturing Wind (1p), Iron Phoenix (7p)


Corrupted, Nightmare, and Rare Mods: Blind Rage (15p), Natural Talent (5p), Accelerated Blast (3p), Hell's Chamber (5p), Blaze (13p), Thunderbolt (1p), Hammer Shot (13p), Vile Precision (1p), Ice Storm (3p), Lethal Torrent (2p), Magnum Force (10p), Anemic Agility (9p), Stunning Speed (1p), Focus Energy (1p), Power Throw (2p)

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