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Two Bugs With Perrin Sequence Invaders


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I ran an Invasion on Phobos (Mobile Defense, sided with Corpus against Infested), and a Perrin Sequence invasion brought two major bugs with them. Here's the full story of what just happened.


After a host migration, I finished the terminal I was now alone on and moved to the next. I put the datamass in, and things went as normal. However, the screen flashed reddish, and I got a message from the Perrin Sequence guy. Then, a bunch of Eximus Moa spawned in.


Oh no, right? Nope.


I'm assuming it was because it was an Invasion (again, I was sided with Corpus), but the Eximus Moa Squad spawned in as allies. They were not hostile to me (I couldn't even hurt them) and even got attacked by the Infested, but all they did is shoot one spot on the ground. That is bug number one.


Bug number two is that their arrival also broke the mission. Although the timer continued as normal at first, it simply disappeared when it hit 0:00 and left me defending the terminal indefinitely. All enemies stopped spawning, so it was basically me doing nothing except watching the Moas watch me (or shoot the ground) for a few minutes. I was forced to quit.


I did take a few pictures, although they don't explain it too well.






Also for anyone interested, this was a Squad (negative rank 1), and it spawned 7 level 35 Eximus Moa. Some were Blitzes, and some were Guardians.

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I just had this happen to me too. Doing an infested MD invasion. The squad spawned and immediately began shooting at one spot. I could not attack them or anything.


Edit: Nope, actually broke the mission. As the timer for one of the terminals ticked down, it didn't cough up the datamass back up for me. Had to abort.

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