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Problem With Windows 8.1



Until I update mi laptop Asus K46C from W8 to W8.1 seem like lagging all the time, don't know what happen, runs with a Nvidia GEFORCE 740M. With W8 all works but with 8.1 don't. I hope someone could help me. P.S. Today I run my game with the lowest reslolution and no shadows, effects, all disabled and the problem persist. Thank you guys and good farming. 

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Steps to improve performance:
1. Check Drivers, make sure they're upto date
2. Have DirectX 10 and/or DirectX 11 disabled in the Warframe Launcher
3. Reduce visual settings to one level lower than previous settings
4. Reduce resolution (e.g. if running a 16:9 display; 1920x1080, reduce to 1400x900 or 1028x720)
5. Run a Disk Clean Up and a Disk Defragment to improve Hard Drive performance
6. If running a Quad-Core processor, enable "Muti-Threaded Rendering" in Warframe Launcher Settings

(Note: Due to the new Archwing update, it can cause some optimisation problems. If there was no problem pre-Update 15, I'm sure over time optimisation will be improved, and performance will be back to normal.)

(Note: Make sure that your specifications; notably your CPU, GPU and RAM are above minimum specs, and near to recommended specs for optimal gameplay experience)

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I would never recommend 'updating' windows to a newer release. That always causes problems.


A clean install is quick, painless, and makes your computer feel nice.



I have Windows 8 (regular Windows 8) and I've never even updated IT, let alone upgrade to 8.1. I've never had any of the issues with the OS that other people seem to have (with one exception). (Not that I could update it if I wanted to, Windows Update broke when I installed the OS.)

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