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Rift Mechanic Changes


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In my eyes, Banish working on allies is not the problem, it is the properties of the Rift Plane mechanic that hinders the team. As such, I want to propose making the Rift a proper status effect (as it is somewhat already, just without UI notification and only shown by visual effects).


In order to minimize annoyance and potential griefing to the team while Limbo is using his abilities, some changes are needed:




1. Allies can enter the rift by touching a banished enemy. They inherit the enemy's current Banish duration (shown as Rift status effect timer at top right health/shield bars).


- This provides teammates a way to damage and kill banished targets, without needing Limbo's permission.

- Status effect timer lets teammates know how long they can stay in the rift (how long until they are vulnerable again and lose energy regen).


2. Banished allies will exit the rift when attacking non-rift enemies.


- A simple change. If you get banished by Limbo or after you killed a banished enemy, hit another enemy not in the rift to resume normal play (like clicking Play after hitting Pause).

- Effectively ends the Rift status effect early, more power to the Tenno.


3. Pickups, mods, and mission items (Datamasses, Power Cells) will enter the rift when touched by banished players, allowing them to be picked up.


- AKA fix it so players can pick up stuff while Rift status is in effect. Nothing complicated, just mentioned the items being sent to the rift to add lore explanation.




#2 and 3 from Banish's list also apply to Cataclysm for quality of life reasons. However...


1. Allies that enter Cataclysm once will inherit Cataclysm's current duration as Rift status effect.


- Now the fun begins. Touch the rift bubble once, you get your own personal bubble. You can now position outside Cataclysm after stepping in once and back out. Imagine the tactical possibilities!

- No longer need to stay in a limited area to do any damage against enemies in said area.


That's it for now! Not changing any of the abilities drastically at all, just making the rift more user-friendly.

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Thanks. IMO, transition between planes should be as fluid as possible, so any player can enter/exit the rift (even by accident) without needing to read about the rift mechanic first.


Anyone can aim and shoot in this game, so changing enter/exit rift to depend on your targets seems the way to go.

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