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U15 What You Love


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I like the Syndicate system. I like Archwing (except interception missions and once again bonkers scaling... kill them with fire).

Also the fact that Archwing stats are directly influenced by frame choice is stupid IMHO.^^'

And of course...




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What i really like: Rail gun(Opticor), Onorix.


The it's "ok" category: archwing and it's mechanics.


The meh: Imperator, archwing UI, and lack of proper FOV effect during missions.


The "i think this is not that good as developers think this is": Syndicates, Halikar, Drahkmaster disarm.


The "I want to burn it down with full canister of gasoline": Limbo, Archwing enemies, 

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Syndicates for the lore potential... (again.. just potential... cuz we really don't know much yet..... why does it always feel so incomplete?)

And Archwing is fun of course.


What I do not like: The Archwing interception missions...

They need some work.. (why don't enemies even have to be near to nodes in order to cause a conflict???)

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