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Infested Warframe Idea


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Imfestar is an Excalibur who fought against the Infested Hives of Alad V, but instead he got absorbed by the Infestation and have been given new greater powers almost simliar to the powers of Excalibur but with an Environment addition




1. Thrown ram

Imfestar throws forth his fully infested arm and knocks down anything thats in range of the arm.


2. Toxic minds

Gives an bright blast around Imfestar breaing the will of enemies lowering their attack speed, damage and armor while increasing that of his allies.


3. Lost Flight

Creates an small area around Imfestar disrupting gravity making Imfestar capable of flying around the area and also pulling any enemy that comes to close to the area with Imfestar.


4. Frighten Winds

Creates an huge area around Imfestar dealing heavy damage on every enemie in his range and also stunning and adding toxic as an addition.




As i already mentioned earlier is Imfestar an deformed excalibur and u might see that back in its appearance accordingto the fact that he should havce the sort of horn of Excalibur wich is misplaced and broken by small infested tentacles al around his body but still making u see his actually armor. His left arm is fully infested and looks a bit like the small arm of the Infested ancients, he also uses this arm for Thrown Ram.




(I hope that this will work out for DE)

Imfestar can be aquired by defeating an new boss in the Eris Region. The boss is the Hive Mind Imfestar used to fight, and in the battle he will tell u about the how he defeated an different 'framed one'.



This is one of the ideas i have on some Warframes, i got a few more to bring public but im curious about others opinion. I hope u like it and that the DE will bring it out. But anyway thanks for reading this.

(And if my English isnt that good, im srry.)

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