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The Archwing


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This mission is ridicules. Getting killed by stuff i can't see. So i cant avoid/dodge it, and it takes you down so fast. And the map is of no use, as to guide you where to go. Followed it into a "killing field" where i died 3 times, without a chance of avoiding or getting away...

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A lot of people already agree, a lot disagree.

I agree to both.


tld write: Yes, it's hard - so was your start into warframe- you had no mods, lvl0 gear, no tatoes, no forma'd gear.

Archwing is like an entirelly new game. You'll have to start anew. Once your gear is maxed, potatoed and forma'd and whatnot, it'll get easier.


And yes, it's also true that it is hard on a lvl where I'd like to say that this is no lvl of difficulty, these are bugs:

When a mob glitched in an asteroid miles away can block your capture attempt, and it just gets impossible to capture anything, then that's just unfair.


In general I see a lack of balance between grineer and corpus archwing enemies. Corpus are by far easier to fight..... Grineer are way too fast and too strong...- especially the helion dargyns.

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