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Limbo Cataclysm


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So. I like Limbo a lot. I genuinely think he's a cool frame; utility has its purposes. However, I must admit he's a huge troll.


My main change, outside of banish, would be to have cataclysm act somewhat the same as Mprime in terms of how it can be re-casted and end the other  prematurely to more or less counteract the size  becoming a problem for using the skill on the pod.


Any thoughts?

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I just wish they would let us toggle it. There were many times where I did not want teammates to not pick-up mods. So we had to wait full 30 secs.

Yea I'm hoping this can be fixed as well. The reasons to bring a limbo are seemingly outweighed by not wanting to be hated by your team as they currently stand

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Heres my solution,  take out your vaub - and BOUNCE HIM AWAY. 


Also, do something about Limbo's casting animation - It kills the eyes. 


Alt-F4 to avoid going blind. 




Edit: Please note that I first ask limbo's to not use rift - if it fails, I bounce him away. 

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