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What Is The Function That Can Represent The Revolution Of The Reactor Core?


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So, from this thread and this thread, I then asked myself another question: 


What is the function that can represent the revolution of the Reactor Core?


And so, given that: 


1. Radius = 0.367m

2. Is a sphere (i.e.: A 2-D circle)

3. Rotates


I then made a circle with radius 0.367m (and with the bottom of the circle at y = 0), and made this pattern:


For every 0 + 2πk, y = 0.

For every (π/2) + 2πk, y = 0.367.

For every π + 2πk, y = 0.

For every (3π/2) + 2πk, y = -0.367.


And so, this allowed me to create a wave function that is: 


f(x) = 0.367sin(x)


So, there is another piece of information for a humble Reactor Core in Warframe. Now you can boast to your friends about this piece of knowledge (or use it as repellent. Whatever gives).


If used as repellent, do so at your own risk.

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