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Warframe Concept Idea: Cat Warframe


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Screenshot taken from my portfolio as the original image is huge.

I love Warframe and after watching the DeVStream 37 I saw Janice quickly 'show' some kitty icons for a move set. So I thought why not do a cat warframe concept for fun.
Noise - Locates enemies in the room(more reliable when leveled. Low level can show more or few enemies than there actually is)
Vizion - Deals extra damage over time if you continue to shoot the same place on the target.
Skitzo(working name)- gain a movement speed and jump increase along with making you harder to hit.
Claw-Swipe at the enemy causing a bleeding effect so they lose life for 5 seconds(bleed damage increases on leveling of frame)
thought I'd just share my idea with everyone.
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