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Wts Elyson Wings, Elyson Systems, Full Corvas Set

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Right -


well according to the Wiki, the Corvas parts are tradeable - even though they are not prime gear: 


Quote of the Wiki (Bolded and underlined portion for emphasis):

The Corvas flak cannon is a heavy weapon ... (SNIP)

  • Corvas is derived from corvus, the Latin term for crow, a bird commonly viewed as a harbinger of death and destruction on battlefields in many northern European cultures.
  • The Corvas is the first non-prime weapon to have tradeable components.




So yeah, the Corvas parts are for sale. I presumed that the Elytron parts are tradable if the Corvas parts are, but if I am mistaken, needless to say, I won't sell it if I can't sell it. 

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