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Crash, Freeze, Infinite Loading Screen. Feel Free To Complain Here


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i know this is a well known issue, BUT I play Warframe since CBT and i ~never~ had a single crash, nor a freeze or something in this kind.


Since U15 my game freezez at the loading screen to the mission, even when i am playing alone. Also if switchoing Warframes or weapons it does freeze or crash very likely. I really dunno why it has to be like that, i mean what has Archwing changed in the normal gameplay or at the fkin equiptment changing console. I am really pis*** off, especially after the 9th (!!) Hotfix.. i am loosing hope in Warframe to run normally as before U15.


Currently i am trying out a fix shared by a member in the Forums, feel free to check it out by yourself.-> https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/329501-for-ppl-having-fps-issues-crashes-etc/#entry3719133


EDIT: So currently the link is working for me most of the time, a good temporary solution. And thanks Z-Sync for your tips, tho i had DX 10 and 11 disabled for some reason 


Cheers ~NovaCry

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ok I am not sure if you did this already but here is what i had to do.


1 - open the launcher

2 - hit the options button

3 - disable dx11 and or dx10 

optional - turn off full scren

4 - enjoy



^^^ that fixed all my freezes and crashes I hope it helps you 2..... also dont forget to update your graphics drivers

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