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Post Your Mustaches Here, Celebrating Movember!


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Too celebrate the month of Movember (a little early) I thought it would be fitting too post a topic asking everyone too take a photo of their favorite Warframes with their new "facial friends". Make your photos interesting, creative, or just plain silly and random however you choose.


The more photos you guys post on here the more I hope we can raise awareness across the entire Tenno Form's and have a little fun with it too while were at it. This is an important charity after all and by asking everyone too do this I hope in my own little way I can do something if anything for this charity no matter how small it may be.


I hope you guys Post your Mustaches and help me help raise awareness!




PS: I will be posting my Warframe and her new fuzzy friend as soon as I get home from work in case anyone questioned why I was not participating myself in my own form post.

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