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Sigil Rep. Boost Idea! Feedback


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Ok, so instead of making X sigil apply Y bonus, and forcing players to choose between looks or boost.  Why not have something that is intangible/invisible that will apply to ANY sigil of that alliance, but that requires the reputation of higher ranks to get the higher boost.


Essentially by doing this you could wear the first sigil you get if you want, and then if you have that, lets just call it "New Loka Small/Medium and Large Sigil Boost" unlocked, then the highest applies as long as you have a Sigil equipped, no matter which sigil it is.


(Maybe attach these to the higher ranked sigils and just have them stay on from that point forward?)  Example:  Say you reach max rank New Loka, and you buy the biggest baddest sigil --->  you now have the "Large" Reputation Boost Unlocked, and it will apply to any Sigil of the New Loka faction.


This would keep people from feeling like they were wasting rep on something purely "cosmetic", as if the reputation boost is tied to the sigil, then it would be like, well ok cool, I don't like that sigil, but I'm going to get it for the boost and unlock 2 things at once and throw my old "favorite" sigil back on.   (Maybe a very tiny, tiny boost Per Sigil or something?)



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or: the more different sigils you own of a syndicate, the more rep you gain. ....


wow... genius


Yeah essentially,  I suppose that would be a MUCH easier way of explaining it. (I'm terrible at making things concise)


I do think I sense some sarcasm there though Frosti, be careful or the Ice just might break :-).. Then you will just be IcedIcey...


j/k on the above of course.  Ty for summing my paragraph up in a half a sentence! :-)

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