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[Warframe Concept] Sauron- Deathknight \ Vampire \ Vanguard {Healer Dps}


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                                                     [Warframe Concept] Deathknight \ Vampire \ Vaguard {Healer Dps}







So ive been getting tons of ideas lately for frames that would be amazing to have in game such as a light based frame that could call forth the power of the sun to scorch, burn, blind and simply devastate her enemies, who  could perhaps shoot rays of pure sunlight at her foes or  even call forth perhaps Meteor Strikes or cause her own little Supernova or Miniature Sun to fall down from the sky and devastate the battlefield , a dark based frame that could perhaps consume enemies in the darkness that he has grown to love, perhaps he could be a stealth frame with stealth orientated abilities or a frame that could be more control or damage based by consuming and destroying enemies feeble minds in darkness causing them great pain and making their heads explode from the agony ,  a sort of Cosmic based frame one that dealt with using the vast powers of Space and the Universe a frame that could call forth the power of the Cosmos at will and perhaps even call forth  black holes to consume enemies at will never to see them again , and many many more but it really seems that the one I would like to have best would be a Damage and Healing style of frame.... Some kind of frame that revolves around sucking the life force out of those around him\her to replenish and heal himself and his teammates. Something like a Deathknight. Bloodmage or Battlemage, a Vampire or Deamon kinda deal maybe like a Plague based frame,For lack of a better word I think i'm going to use Vampire frame on this Topic as thats really what I think of when i consider what this frame would be doing, killing others to sustain himself. But you may by all means call this style anything you wish.






Now, first off there are at least two other ideas out there that I came across when trying to see if my idea was Original, Overdone, or Overused and I only found two others, but I mean these really didn't entirely grab my attention and make me scream "I WANT IT NOW!" The design of these frames as far as looks go were killer but the ability's  didn't really sell me.... They weren't entirely focused or geared towards anything that appealed to me and between the two ideas there really was no healing involved which is sort of what a vampire does, steals the life force of humans in order to sustain himself, With that being said I wanted, or rather kind of envisioned something more along the lines of a Vampire with this DPS Healing style frame. Call it whatever you wish a Deatknight Battlemage, Bloodmage, BloodKnight, Vanguard Leach, Deamon, Cleric, Sorcerer, Angel Of Death, Fallen Angel Frame, Good, Bad call this style anything you wish and if you have any ideas on what to consider this style of frame please let me know!! Either way the idea is still the same Someone who could dish out a nice chunk of Damage to kill his opposition in order to sustain and heal himself and his team when things got tough. The only similarity between my idea and the other one that I saw like this was that we both called it a "Vampire" style frame, all similarities ended there.





So without Further Ado, I present to you Sauron my concept for this style of warframe, naming is not my strong suit so any cool, dark, ancient, powefilled names please share!) Also, I am working on finding someone more skilled with Art than i am to draw this warframe up and get him in ink, or digital.....Pixels! xD But artwork should hopefully come soon!


(Please note this is all subject to change, and I do realize that and so I will put a " * " as a foot note throughout this forum to note things that may need changed.here would be an example, just an example and this is NOT one of the ability's i have in mind find those below Example: An ability heals 50%* of life to all allies. (*15%, 25% less or more not sure)




This warframe is inspired by a Vampire, or something kind of like a Death Knight or Blood Mage, or even a Battlemage (Mostly a vampire so most ability's will focus around that point but can always change) Basically, He would be a warframe that can dish out some damage and replenish health, shield and power of himself and allies. He would do this by  draining the life force out of his enemies to restore health, shield and power of himself and his allies (something LIKE a vampire, as i use vampire due to that concept of draining life of others to benefit from it)



(" " Next to a name are ones that i like more than others)










(any other ideas please post them!)




Health: 100

Shields: 150

Power: 100-150

Armor: 75-100

Stamina: 75-100




1) Feed- Sauron rushes forward with blinding speed and shrouded in darkness to targeted enemy (Similar to either slash dash, or simply teleports to the enemy) and impales* him with his melee weapon dealing puncture damage and draining the life out of the victim to restore the casters Health, Shields, and Power before sheathing his weapon.


(Instead of impaling the target an Alt Animation could be he simply lifts them up with one hand or using some kind of "force" to lift him.)


2) Soul Swap*- Sauron targets an enemy or an Ally and links himself to that target with an invisible force causing the target to receive all damage and healing that Saroun would normally receive for the duration of this effect. This ability can be cast on multiple targets at the same time and after the inital cast, the power is unaffected by range.


(Alt Names: Ally Of The Night, Betrayal, Saving Grace.)


3) Offerings Of Blood*- Sauron expends half of his current shields, health and power to fully restore the Health, Shields, and Power of his Allies.


(Alt Names: Sacrifice, Blood Ritual)


4) Ultimate Sacrifice*-  Saurons' piercing influence fills the air around him causing his enemies to become frozen with fear, rooted in place and helpless while the life is drained from their bodies in order to restore Sauron and his Allies.  


(This ability does large amounts of AOE Damage to enemies, Could be DOT or Instantly)

(Alt Names: Purification, Rite of Passage, Trials, Strife.)



Alt Powers

(Not sure entirely which ability should fit where but this set of Powers is more geared towards a Deathknight or a Vanguard Style of frame)


1) Sacrifice- Sauron targets an enemy causing him to explode instantly dealing moderate damage to any other enemies near by. Upon exploding, targets health and shields prior to the attack are divided evenly among Sauron and his Allies.


2) Blood Oath*- Sauron and ALL allies are sworn into a Blood Oath sharing all damage and healing. Damage is divided evenly and split between them while healing is increased before being divided and split.


(Basically if 4 players are playing and one gets damaged while in Blood Oath, instead of taking 100 damage each ally takes 25 instead. Healing would be multiplied by some modifier 1.5X, 2X, ect ect before being split and divided evenly.)


(Maybe have this power deal full damage and healing instead of splitting and dividing it, Example: If someone takes 100 damage all players take 100 damage if one player gains 25 health all players gain 25 health.)


(Alt Names: Blood Siblings, Blood Brothers, Bonds of Blood)


 3) Death Ward*- Sauron cloaks himself in a veil of darkness granting him immunity to ALL damage for the duration of this effect, however, full damage is stored up (Similar to nyx's absorb) and dealt in full back to the caster  at the end of this power's duration with a 2x modifier.


(Alt Names; Moonlit Feast, Moonlit Stride)


4) Awake- The true beast emerges as Saurons full power awakens  allowing him to convert harmful damage into pure energy that he uses to replenish his health, shields, and power.


(All damage is instead gained as Health, Shields, and Power)




Power Set #3

1) Death Wish*- Sauron protects target ally by warding them with an ancient protection spell taking all damage and healing that they would normally take for the duration of this effect with a slight reduction.


(reduction in damage could be 15% or maybe 25% and healing would not be received affected)


(Alt Names: Selfless Sacrifice, Selfless Offering, Marked For Glory)


2) Saving Grace *- When Below 75% health, all damage taken is reduced by 25%, when below 50% health, damage taken is reduced by 50%, and when below 25% health Damage taken is reduced by 75%.


(Maybe when at 100% health, damage taken is INCREASED by a little bit making this ability a little more balanced.)


(Alt Names: Mercy of The Gods)



3) Efficiency - When at critical Health (25% or 15% health) All damage that would be taken is instead gained as Shields and Power.


4) Fallen Angel *- When Saurons' health reaches 1, all damage that would normally be taken is reflected back at all enemies within range for a short time, at the end of this effect Saurons' Health, Shields, and Power are fully restored.

(Alt Names: Angel of Death, Resurrection.)




More Powers!

*Not yet finished so give me ideas!

1) Consume- Sauron consumes an enemy in darkness driving him mad and inflicting serious injuries until causing his head to explode and damage those around him.


2) Shadow Walk-  Sauron Shrouds himself in shadows causing enemies to lose sight of him and no chance of finding him until this effect ends allowing Sauron to attack, fire his weapons, cast abilities,ect ect  without enemies being able to respond or react.

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Another good point about this kinda of frame, since they nerfed our one and only true healer... trinity, we no longer have a half decent healing frame, we truly need another healer that can hold their own in a battle the way trinity used to be able to, now her blessing has to be SPAMMED in order to even do anything worth a damn, earlier i was using her and it seems blessing doesnt even fully restore allies anymore it only seems to heal a certain percentage or amount but not 100% like it used to, if not a frame that can heal and deal damage, we at least need another TRUE healer.

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I'll put a pencil down and see what I can sketch.  I had an idea for this earlier.


Also, perhaps a power could be:


Bloody Blade:

For 5/10/15/20 seconds, all melee attacks made by the Warframe inflict instant death (to non-boss units) 

at the cost of 10 hp per second.

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I'll put a pencil down and see what I can sketch.  I had an idea for this earlier.


Also, perhaps a power could be:


Bloody Blade:

For 5/10/15/20 seconds, all melee attacks made by the Warframe inflict instant death (to non-boss units) 

at the cost of 10 hp per second.

Awesome thanks! I appriciate that! And yeah love the idea of the ability although it seems over powered, so maybe instead of instant death, all damage dealt could be gained as health/shields!


also, I kinda picture like a sleek and slender warframe in sort of like a trenchcoat (almost like limbos ) but longer and have a high collar on it that would come up to the chin.

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