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Elytron Solo Farming





Well here's an alternative...




if this mini guide is ever copied on a forum etc pls mention credits x3 or ill send an eximus kitty deth squd on u D:



   1- choosing frame: rhino prime/valkyr (both have high armor -- rhino wins at SHIELDS AND SPEED [ARCANE VANGUARD WORKS!]  and valkyr at ARMOR) with these mods -> E SIPHON + (AHAP - as high as possible)




         --> these are  the ONLY warframe mods those (non-aura) mods that HAVE BEEN TESTED and known to 100% of the time affect archwing stats (shields/energy/health/armor)!~ [EDIT 3 FOR MORE ON THIS!]


   2- Research/buy --> blueprints for TEAM ENERGY RESTORE --> the best one u can get ur hands on (im currently running MEDIUM TEAM ENERGY RESTORE x10 from ENERGY LAB research) --> craft TONS of them --> cheap easy to make for NON CASUALS >:D


   3- LEVEL UR GOD DAMN ODONATA enough to put --> (max)




                 -- all easy to get for NON CASUALS >:D +++ ATLEAST unlock the 4th ability REPEL coz this guide will make farming elytron A CAKE WALK with REPEL!  it is NECESSARY to follow this guide!


   4- LEVEL UR GOD DAMN VERITUX TO 30 AND POTATO IT! --> VERY IMPORTANT!! add as many mods as you can. luck plays a role as i run a S#&$ty magnetic build coz the DAMN toxic mod won't drop but corrosive is best. RANK 7 + BLEEDING EDGE HELPS A LOT TOO!


   5- Choose SOLO game type -> enter UR-ANUS archwing interception --> USE AS MANY TEAM ENERGY RESTORES AS NEEDED to fill your energy to max!


   6- Whenever u see mobs... REPEL! when capping a node ... REPEL !!!! when def-ing a node ... REPEL!!! when moving near mobs... REPEL!! bored??? REPEL!!!




---> WHY REPEL? this is because REPEL PERMANENTLY DISARMS [EDIT 2] mobs!


         +++ IF THEY DONT DIE there can be a FIX AMOUNT of mobs in archwing missions so u see where im going?? if everyone is disarmed its EASY WIN! JUST REPEL ALL YOUR LIFE'S PROBLEMS AWAY! 


   8- AT THE END OF THE ROUND --- just cut those NOOB DISARMED mobs with ur cheesy space di*do of doom called veritux...


--> END OF GUIDE! sorry for using too many caps its to make the casuals out there WAKE THE F UP AND START PLAYING SERIOUSLY >xD


I hope i didn't use any bad words in this post ehmmm.. sorry for any mistakes/typos etc and for anyone who didn't like this guide or whatever just close this chrome tab and move on with ur lief. Just tryin to help out anyone who might be interested :3 if there's some misinfo etc do correct please


EDIT 1: Fixed the text color. TL;DR? Added BOLD text for important stuff!



             I would suggest everyone read this wiki page on Repel if they are interested in its effects. I ran a lvl 30 ODONATA whose abilities screen says 1500 damage (impact) / 11 sec stun / 35m (+6%) range. And that all it does at least for me.


EDIT 3: Some mods like SHIELD FLUX / REFLEX GUARD etc are known to work (from what i READ/HEARD) after host migration. THIEF'S WIT too. But from my own testing they didn't work for me atleast. Nice of you guys to point out they might work tho! 


             Might help some pur casual out there xD


EDIT 4: FORGOT TO ADD! Very important for old timer rhino users: ARCANE VANGUARD HELMET WORKS! Increases speed by a cr*pton! Tested it meself.


EDIT ( for i = 5 ; i < 666 ; i++ ): Fixing the text to be more readable...

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Allow me to clarify:


I never doubted Repel worked as you stated, but I find surprising that it PERMANENTLY disables the enemies...


Maybe DE made this intentionally, but your guide (Credits to you for having found the trick...) makes leverage upon a fail in the System, specifically that you can keep the disarmed enemies around so to be able conquer towers... (By the way, do they keep putting up conflict on towers or they just float away?)


I find highly doubtful that them will keep things as they are, now that the Repel combo had been unveiled...


Just that...

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Ahh i see your point now


To be honest i never noticed repel had a permanent disarm effect until i read it on the wiki.. and that led me to the above mentioned guide trick


tried and tested meself 4 consective runs for 4 rounds and got all Ely parts ^_^


It will be quite disappointing to find that permanent disarm is a bug or too OP a feature that it has to be removed but it does seem so doesn't it :)


To solo such a hard mission with 1 ability alone warrants a nerf in DE's books


About the thing you asked related to conflicting towers... the beauty of Repel is that it pushes them back far enough from point of origin (i'm using that +6% max range mod too) + stuns then for enough a time that in solo mods you can cap the node with even 1 repel


the stun duration + push back are enough to make it very very effective at capping nodes... hope it doesn't get nerfed :p

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i jsut did a few runs this way. works pretty well. but dont think Repel permadisarms them. once they catch up with me again some of em shoot again.


That's because if u keep on repelling (it does heavy damage) some of the units die and are replaced with new spawns of darkness that are yet to be disarmed



Cant they still cap points when disarmed?


They can but repel pushes them out of cap range and stuns then for <insert from wiki> seconds... enough for them to leave you alone to cap a point without interruptions!

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Repel is about buying time.



It is not supposed to kill.

Thanks to Grineer armor scaling, your repel will be lucky to do 300+ damage.


Just push them away so the towers don't get conflicted.

If once does not work, press it repeatedly.

Once you get all 4 then it is a merry go round.


Rinse and repeat.

Press 4 to repel.

Shoot if you feel like it.


Press 2 if you see a ton of missile coming.
yeah that's it.

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repel since I've been using it never kills the enemies only pushes them away from me or the object and buy me enough time to either revive 50% of a fallen player  or two ticks from an energy restore. so youre either experiencing a bug or saw one. and we are just figuring out its power if DE made it strong enough to kill low level enemies but stuns and repels the bigger badder boys  like on Caelus map.

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OK, you like using caps to emphasize points.  An issue I have is the section where you say "these are the ONLY warframe mods," since it is simply not true.  Shield Flux works, but not consistently.  Reflex Guard works as well, though seemingly even less consistently.

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OK, you like using caps to emphasize points.  An issue I have is the section where you say "these are the ONLY warframe mods," since it is simply not true.  Shield Flux works, but not consistently.  Reflex Guard works as well, though seemingly even less consistently.


Mods such as Shield Flux work after a host migration.

However, it is still unclear whether these mods were meant to work in Archwing.

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I can already see DE doing something about Repel. Better do this quick before the next time they roll in a patch to address Repels functionality.

The same can be said with Carriers' infinite drones. Hence why I spent 5 hours to get one copy of Thrusters after 1790+ drones. I'll do this one tomorrow as I seriously need sleep, I even dozed off while farming for that blasted mod(Had to revived Thino Prem).


I still think 4 people who actually knows what there doing can get this job done, obviously not pugs.

Can anyone confirm if Corrosive Projection works on this new enemies.

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