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2Nd Warframe Anniversary


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On March 26th 2014 DE released a Tenno Reinforcements update to mark Warframe's beta anniversary. 



It was celebrated by giving new 'Lotus' themed Akfuris pistols called the Dex Furis with improved stats, much like Wraith and Vandal weapons, to all players who logged in between March 26th and April 2nd.

There was also a special Excalibur skin put up for sale for 150 platinum during the period, greatly resembling Hayden Tenno's suit from Warframe's prequel Dark Sector, as well as 24h alerts for both Forma, Reactor and Catalyst blueprints.


On today's devstream #40 DE announced that the Hayden Tenno 'Proto Armor' skin will return on the 2nd anniversary next year, meaning that we will get a similar celebration, if not bigger.


I know it's still 5 months until this happens, but I want to hear what you guys think will/should be added for the 2nd celebration. I think there will be a new 'Dex' weapon, maybe for a Tenno weapon that isn't Primed yet. I'm also hoping for Hayden's Glaive skin to be added as well.

Comment suggestions/ideas below c:

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