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Argon Crystals Won, But Not Received?


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I just came out of 25 wave T2 def with 2 argon crystals. Except, when I went to the foundry directly after returning, they were not there!? I logged out, logged back in... nope...gone.

I'm honestly tired of chasing down that garbage only to finally get it and then... not get it?!




You know, it's plenty of...hmmm... challenging to not give up on grinding in warframe, but something like that ain't helping at all.

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if you were hosting the mission it can sometimes forget to give you the resources. When we got the excavation missions back i went in a mission and got the 2500 cryotic . but when i went back to the liset i hadn`t gotten it. so i just decided to do it again and again and again(X-infinity) i still have the 600 cryotic i had when the event was there. 

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