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Sybaris Colour Discrepancy: Dojo


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Issue: When entering the Dojo clan hall and main rooms, the Sybaris was purely a metallic, silver colour. No tint, tone or vague hints of colour beyond this can be seen. However, when entering the Energy Lab, stepping through the door granted me the actual colours I'd picked. Leaving the Energy Lab or Obstacle Course resulted in the metallic colour returning.


I admit I am unsure if this is being posted in the right place, so apologies if it's not.
Hope this is helpful.
Edit: It appears it is not limited to the Dojo.
During a Solo T2 Exterminate, the colour vanished in the small 'causeway' room of the Void map leaving it shiny and metal again. Usage of Sybaris had been mostly constant throughout the mission, though there were occasional switches to the Dual Heat Swords. 
After entering the small lift chamber, however, the colour returned.
Beyond this, can't say I've noticed it anywhere else.
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