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My opinion on: Battle UI improvements (Aesthetics)


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The in-game battle UI at the moment looks... For the lack of a better word, "cheap" at the moment. (Not that it's horrible or bad but it could use some improvements to make the game look more presentable aesthetically, everything looks great in the game but the battle UI isn't as good in my opinion)

I would suggest making it cleaner and smoother.

Let's take a look at for example... Crysis 2's UI. It looks smooth and clean while being easy on the eyes.

In my opinion, removing the blue borders around the UI would be a good first step. As seeing the box of the UI is not really important, it's the numbers/bars and icons on the UI. And the blue borders just don't really fit. Or change the color to white or grey with some more transparency.

Another idea is to replace the health and armor numbers with bars. Maybe a toggle-able option. Something like a bar per 25 or 50 HP.

The UI at the top with bars would somewhat look like:

<Warframe XP Bar>





Another thing that I believe would improve the looks is Scaleform. Although not really necessary, it allows for animated and more complex UIs. Gives you, the devs more freedom to play around with it and do some fancy stuff.

Anyways, these are just what I thought about the UI's looks, thanks for reading it.

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