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Halloween Codexing



So, I was scanning the pumpkin boxes and the infested spawners they drop, and then I aborted mission, so I could make sure I have enough scans, and neither is listed in my scan list or codex now.


Did anyone scan them and then complete the mission? If so, do you have official scans of them? If not, does this mean we can't get credit on them at all?

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i don't have a Pumpkin thingy in my Codex either.


but i'm sure on that some day when the Codex awards Mastery they'll count. IIRC even if it isn't shown it's still tracked that you scanned it.

more double posting due to Autoformatting.

That unfortunatly means they always show as orange with the scanner.

actually, i have both the Infested Spawner and the Pumpkin Containers fully Scanned.

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