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New Codex Objects?



So I just checked my Codex's 'Objects' Section and noticed 6 new blanks. Some of them resemble the Corpus and Grineer storage containers, but I've got those already maxed. Anyone know what these new ones are?


Here's an image:


Please note that this is when sorted ALPHABETICALLY, so their names are somewhere after "Orokin Storage Container" and before "Security Camera." Figure if I throw that out there it'll help prevent possible errors.

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I think they are the new rare versions of them i have already seen some screenshots.

This are my guesses



Huh. My Dens are bugged too. As for the Toxins, have you tried scanning them on the Sabotages? I believe only Sabotage-based scans count.

Perhaps they are related to that short-lived bug where we could get Platinum equipment pieces from such containers? Now that I think about it, one of the images looks oddly reminiscent of those...

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Was playing Syndicate mission and found a new type of explosive barrel with codex. At first I was like "is this THE rare container people talking about?" but it exploded when destroyed and made my warframe 90% slower (ice effect) for at least 5 seconds. Mission was Capture on Venus. The barrel wasn't even hidden, just middle of the room.

It doesnt show on codex even thou I scanned it. =/

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